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Dabbling in the Four Disciplines: The 1 Mistake Made By Speakers, Trainers, Consultants & Coaches

Article by T. Falcon Napier

Are you Dabbling in the Four Disciplines?Our industry offers four different professional roles to choose from — and making the right choice is crucial to your success. In this article, we’ll describe four types of private practices — Speaking, Training, Consulting and Coaching and explore the pros and cons — and earnings potential — for each. We’ll discuss the dangers of dabbling and take a personal inventory of its impact on your future.

“Dabblers are rarely DO-ers and DO-ers are rarely dabblers.”

One of the things that people in our industry have in common is that many of our business cards say that we are a “Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach”. Some may choose just two or three of those identifiers, but more and more are putting ALL 4 or even MORE. In addition to Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Coach we also have Author, Facilitator, Counselor, Lecturer, Professor and a growing litany of others. Its amazing the kind of creative labels that some people have put on their cards, but the four basic disciplines in our industry are Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach.

Over the more than two decades we’ve been working with human development professionals, we’ve discovered that the people who achieve success in our industry are the people who entered the profession with a very clear picture of who they are and what they were trying to do. We believe it is such a critical factor to their success that it has become central to the work we do with our instructors and instructor candidates. As someone progresses through the pre-work for becoming certified in the MasterStream Method, we help them explore the differences between the four disciplines in vivid detail, and before their certification is over, each newly-certified professional has to make a personal choice as to which one of them he or she favors. Likewise, the success you will achieve and the speed at which you will achieve it depends on you understanding the choices — and making the one that is best for you.

So your first step — whether you are embarking on a new career or trying to take your existing business to a new level — is to distinguish between the various roles you can serve. Keep in mind your background, skills, experience, and goals when making your evaluation. Your choice will establish a basis on which you will focus your business strategy and marketing plan. Let’s take a closer look at each of the professional roles and explore some of their pro’s and con’s:

Speaker — A Speaker is someone who travels frequently on a national or even international basis, stands in front of a large audience for a relatively short period of time, delivers an upbeat message, and gets paid a substantial amount of money for doing so. On the downside, as the audience gets bigger, the chance for meaningful audience contact suffers — and regardless of the quality of work they do, when they step off stage they are generally unemployed. That’s the nature of the beast for being a professional speaker. In order for a speaker to fill 100 days of billable services over the course of a year, he or she is going to need to have the better part of 100 different clients. They may have the occasional client who will bring them back again, but in all likely hood the intervals between those engagements is going to be measured in months or years before someone will be brought back. To make matters worse, the Speaking profession is the one most susceptible to changes in the economy and, as the events of 9/11 clearly demonstrated, changes in the marketplace’s willingness to travel to or sit in a large public venue. While speakers command a seemingly large fee for their services, their total income divided by a 40-hour workweek normalizes their actual earnings. For example, a speaker with two ,000 engagements per week is actually making about the same as a consultant billing themselves out at 0 per hour. Finally, to develop a successful career as a speaker requires a very specific marketing plan, very specific marketing tools, a very marketable “main stage” image and a lot of time “paying your dues” before your reputation earns you access to the bureaus and meeting planners who in large part control the pool of potential bookings.

Trainer — A Trainer spends considerably less time in airplanes and rental cars, and can build a very tidy practice while staying relatively close to home. They spend more time with a smaller group of people and have an opportunity to get to know their students more intimately as they share practical information with their audiences. The goal of a trainer is to impart a body of knowledge, and to make sure that knowledge has been absorbed to whatever degree the client has asked them to attain. If the trainer does a good job, then the likelihood of being asked to come back and do more training is very high. Also, since trainers focus on longer programs than speakers — routinely conducting programs ranging from a full day to an entire week — trainers tend to be more content-rich. If they choose to focus on mission-critical topics like sales, leadership and customer service, trainers have an even greater opportunity for repeat business with their clients. When a corporate client finds a trainer they love and a training program they love, then they are going to continue to use that program and that trainer in whatever frequency they need it done. In addition, training engagements generally feature far more billable hours in the customization process prior to and the reinforcement program following the main training program. A trainer markets their programs as much as they market themselves and building a successful training practice requires a very different approach than the route taken by speakers.

Consultant — A Consultant is an individual with very specific knowledge and skills, who is brought in to serve as an adjunct to a client’s management team. They are contracted to work on a particular project, deal with a challenging issue, serve in an advisory capacity, or complete a specific task, but one way or another, consultants are brought in to DO something. Once that something is done, the contract ends. While consultants may travel to a destination anywhere on the planet, once they arrive, they are there for the duration of the contract, so in their daily routine, they stay pretty local to where they landed. The challenge with consulting (and coaching for that matter) is that you are trading time for dollars. As a trainer or speaker you develop one program and you can keep doing it over and over, but the work you do as a consultant is unique to each specific client more often than not. But the biggest problem with building a stable and successful consulting practice is that during the time the consultant is working with a particular client, they don’t have or take the time to continue marketing themselves. The longer the contract, the longer the period of unemployment that follows. Feast or famine is the reality for most consultants.

Coach — Coaches work primarily with individuals on a one-on-one basis to pinpoint areas in which they might be in need of attention and focus their energy on helping their clients take care of whatever their issues happen to be. Within the realm of coaches, you will find a broad range of levels of intensity and involvement from “life coach” to “performance coach.” Whether the individual is trying to better understand themselves, to set meaningful goals, to be held accountable or to develop greater skills, a coach could be the perfect tool for the right client. In general terms, a coach is a professional who is working with an individual to deal with specific areas of need. It is certainly possible for a coach to do more of a group kind of thing, maybe a small cluster of 3 or 4 people, but by and large what they are doing is just for those specific people. As a result, the likelihood that these clients will become large contracts is low because they are dealing with individuals. Coaches have very little need to travel and can work very effectively with their clients over the telephone. But, while a coach’s goal is to build a rather small pool of lifetime clients, the truth is that most people who seek out the guidance of a coach do so for a much shorter period, generally a few weeks to a few months. Creating a stable and consistent income stream proves to be the coach’s greatest challenge since the hourly rate tends to be lower than that of any of the other three professional roles and the coach must collect their fees from an individual rather than an organization.

Perhaps the biggest problem that people in our industry face is dabbling in these four roles and not focusing on just one of them. If someone were to focus their energy on one of these roles, they have a much greater chance of becoming successful in that discipline. But if you start to spread your energy across multiple and very different roles then you are also spreading out your marketing resources too thin to have any real impact, and you are also confusing the market place as to what it is that you do and what it is that that they can call on you for. By putting your time and energy into just ONE of these four areas, you will find that success is a much easier summit to reach.

About the Author

T. Falcon Napier is an internationally-recognized human development expert, specializing in sales, leadership and change management. His organization identifies, certifies and supports independent and corporate training professionals in the design, delivery and reinforcement of the entire family of programs and professional services based on the MasterStream Method. Qualified instructors are encouraged to learn more at

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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Article by Bindas Bol Language Labs

In today’s world academic knowledge alone is not sufficient to grow and excel in life. And the increasing competition in the life of mumbai it becomes all the more difficult. The right key of the success is to develop your personality and learn to lead. Here’s with 7 tips to develop your personality and achieve all round success.

Overcome shyness: There are many people who suffer from shyness and are unable to represent themselves fully in front of others. Shyness can bring problems in personal and professional life in Mumbai where it is necessary to interact and exhibit you feelings and thoughts. Thus, shyness should occur in a controlled manner and should be properly dealt with if exists beyond limits since it will hamper personality development.

Confidence: Confidence is the only key tool to win the rat race in every walk of life. Confidence in ones owns capabilities combined with sincere efforts help one to achieve unthinkable heights. But many times, the basic element of confidence is missing in people. Confidence is all about being cool, calm and composed. In Mumbai confidence can take you places. At our personality development courses in mumbai, a range of confidence development techniques including group discussion, extempore speaking, public speaking, positive imaging, self-esteem building are used to encourage students to develop confidence.

Presentation: Your thoughts and ideas speak volumes about your personality. Do it the best way with your own style. This not only creates an impression but leaves one too. So present yourself correctly with right attitude. At our personality development course in Mumbai, presentation skills development is among the most important and crucial part of training.

Soft Skills: Being flexible and able to adapt to the changing needs of world also qualify as soft skills, as do being able to collaborate with others and influence situations through lateral and more creative thinking. Everyone already has some form of soft skills. You just need to look at areas in your personal life where you get on with others, feel confident in the way you interact with people and thus succeed as you develop your personality in mumbai. Developing soft skills in mumbai has become THE need of the hour for “freshers” and experienced professionals alike.

People skills: There are different types of people in this world. People skill is nothing but how you communicate with them. Every sentence we speak leaves an impression on the people. Getting along with others involves more learning, making others feel important, and recognizing the fact that being able to interact well with others is essential to your success. The whole idea of being people skilled is knowing or finding how to bring out the best in others in any situation, rather than their worst. People’s skill is one of the most important steps of personality development courses in Mumbai.

Good communication: Communication is the essence of living. Start with small conversations. A good place to practice these new people skills is the office or in the store. After it becomes easier for you to speak with peers, try talking to people in higher positions of power. Self worth is also an essential factor of communication. Most of us are scared of rejection. Don’t let yourself be bogged by rejection, rather take it as a challenge that you have to overcome. For communication to take place, knowledge is very essential. People who keep track of current affairs and indulge in a lot of reading are a delight to talk to. Smart communication = success in personality development in mumbai.

Positive Attitude: A positive attitude makes you more attractive. It makes you more approachable and it gives you a certain sense of security that also facilitates more interaction with others. A positive perspective empowers you. Try new things. Best of Luck. Create your own world and succeed as you have mastered the development of your personality in mumbai.

Attend a free personality development workshop in mumbai and Get more free tips for developing impressive personality in mumbai – Visit To know about our locations all across mumbai – Dadar, Andheri, Borivli, Thane, navi mumbai and dombivli, visit us at

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Experts in personality Developing.

KPN Travels – Travelling Made Easy with KPN Travels

Article by vipinkhanna

Leaving the house for a comfortable and care-free holiday with the family or friends, make sure you get the booking done on time and the reservation done at the right place for that memorable time with your loved ones. The right place for reservation and making that holiday a memory to remember, get your bookings done on There is so much to choose from the various options available here.

KPN travels founded by Dr.K.P Natarajan, a tour operator have been serving the passengers visiting the south side of Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Thirunelveli. The company is known for its excellent service towards tourists and has now opted for online booking to make it easier for the passengers to book their tickets in advanced through the KPN travels website. Serving 6,000 passengers a day, KPN travels is known for its well-maintained buses and providing comfortable journey to the people. Serving for 4 decades, KPN travels is a name to reckon with.

Booking your vacation with your dear ones is not a painful activity now with KPN travels ticket booking through the KPN travels website without having to go to the KPN travel office and stand in the long Que. For the KPN travels ticket booking, location and travel date must be decided prior to the beginning of the journey.

KPN travel is committed to service of the customer and maintaining good labor employee relations. The new fleet of Volvo coach B7R has joined the KPN travels ticket booking and KPN travels website.

Many people prefer having their fleet booked on the KPN travels website through the KPN travels ticket booking.

KPN travels ticket booking provides the following advantages over any other tour operator company such as

1) No peak time price

2) Facility to book ticket online through the KPN travels website.

3) Comfortable seats.

4) Drivers assisting with luggage.

5) All coaches are AC.

6) Dedicated customer experience and driver development team for excellent customer service.

7) Safe journey for female travelers.

KPN travels have booking for more than 230 locations in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry. KPN travels is one of the operators to have introduced new technology led fleet of buses. With them, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable journey.

About the Author

Vipin Khanna is an internationally known author who writes on KPN travels, KPN travels website,KPN travels ticket booking and other related topics.

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