Health And Safety in The Workplace

Article by Melanie

Excerpt from John Robbins’ recent Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2006 talk about his new book, “Healthy at 100.” This is a book aimed at baby boomers which looks at studies of 4 cultures where people regularly live to 100, and determine what these cultures have in common that is responsible for longevity and good health. Full talk available at click on STORE
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6 Ways Coaching Parents Increase their childs safety

Article by Mr Don

6 Ways Coaching Parents Increase their childs safety

For the purposes of this article the skills we are focused on are those skills that encourage and promote personal safety among our young people.

Over all coaching is a fantastic way for any concerned adult to assist any young person in improving an identified set of skills. These skills can cover a wide range of topics, such as sports, self improvement, study skills, or personal interaction. It involves verbal discussions, physical demonstrations/activities combined in regularly scheduled and impromptu sessions

It is an effective approach for several reasons.

Coaching is focused

It is a personal interaction that is always very focused! When we take the time to coach a young person, for the duration of the session both individuals are focused on the accomplishment of identified skills. Distractions are minimized while the interactions are typically supportive and encouraging.

Coaching promotes higher self esteem

Individual coaching is an example of positive parenting at work. Coaching aims to mentor a young person one-on-one, building up their confidence by developing essential skills during regular practice. It increases their competency in the skills. As the young person becomes more competent, their self esteem increases as they continue to get better at the skills that are being practiced.

Coaching promotes competency

Coaching children in personal safety develops competency through focused, repeated exposure to the skill being addressed. By providing the information in a variety of different ways the youth begins to assimilate the skill into their daily routines. As with any skill, the more it is done, the better we get at it. The same is true with personal safety practices.

Coaching increases self confidence

Confidence is a product of habitual good practice. The regularity of practice and constructive feedback is important in establishing confidence. When we as adults utilize it correctly, young people develop the practice of assessing themselves for their strengths and areas for improvement that they themselves identify. They learn to identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will need to improve their personal safety practices. In the process, they develop confidence in their abilities.

Coaching encourages a higher commitment to personal safety

A coaching parent balances the attainment of immediate targets with the long-term goal of youth safety. By constantly communicating the goal through formal and informal conversations, and regular practice sessions conducted in a supportive environment, the young person is motivated to remain engaged. Setting short-term goals aligned with the long term vision; and presenting the information in an organized, systematic manner can help increase motivation and commitment to integrate the skills into their daily activities. When we present the information in a meaningful and sequential order, young people begin to see personal safety as a part of everything they do!

Coaching produces future coaches

Coaching requires that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared because it involves two levels: physical and mental. A coach must be aware that coaching entails investing time on each individual skill and on the whole fitness and safety concept with their child… Moreover, that the responsibilities are greater since while you are coaching your children, you are also developing future coaches. What we teach our children will be taught to theirs.

About the Author

Mr Don as he is known to his students, is a highly qualified martial artist and masters level mental health counselor. He continues to focus on promoting child and youth safety through physical and psychological fitness. Visit for further information.

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Travel Safety for Everyday Travel

Article by Jessica Pinner

International trips call for a traveler to have an adequate

knowledge of the travel plans that are about to ensue. Travel safety comes from the preliminary actions

done by a traveler to fix details of the trip including preparations at home.

This article will serve as a guide providing information on what is needed to

be considered for every trip.


first part to travel safety is having solid plans by means of a travel itinerary

for use on the actual trip. Travelers can be secure in larger hotels and similar

establishments with advanced security systems applied. The second to seventh floors are widely suggested by most safety

experts in terms of security and emergency accessibility.

The next thing to travel safety is

making sure to take care of all legal documents and concerns before leaving

on a trip. Having a friend or family member take hold of certain legal documents can

add to the peace of mind one can gain when traveling. This is so that emergencies will easily be managed by everyone

including the traveler.

Travel safety advises travelers to register their travel plans with the state

department in case they will need to be contacted for anything. There are nations

with this service and travelers alike can do well with these tools. Travelers can easily be located for when

problems arise in both their countries of origin and their destination areas.

Travel safety depends on how

well one manages the spending done on a trip where credit limits are strictly

followed than disregarded. Trouble can brew

up from suspicious activity done when a credit card is still being used past

the credit limit given for the said card and so it is simply better to regulate

usage of these. Credit card companies may require notification for international

usage of the credit cards and this is to avoid misunderstandings later on

especially when it comes to limits.

Travel safety can in as much be

gained by equipping oneself with a proper coverage plan attained from a

reputable insurance company. Numerous options, quotes, and sources are readily available for a

traveler to choose among before any kind of trip. A traveler should choose wisely and pick the

insurance plan which can offer the most service that is related to the nature

of the trip he or she will be taking.

Travel safety can

be secured if an insurance policy can easily be used internationally as it

could be locally. Although personal coverage is important, medical benefits are major

inclusions that an insurance policy should have. International dilemmas can be solved with traveler insurance policies that

are designed for short term purpose yet extends services to people away on


Responsible travelers are most often than not

recipients of the benefits brought about by an assured travel safety. Learning from some travel

advice can prove beneficial to any kind of traveler helping him adapt to

different situations overseas. Travelers should take note of each of these important elements to

ensure a quality vacation each and every time.


can make use of different methods by which to secure the quality of any

travel plan and these actions can help determine how a trip might run in

terms of quality and enjoyment as well as being accident free. Travel safety is an essential aspect

of any trip for all kinds of travelers alike. Always remember to have pertinent information to ensure a safe trip

anywhere and by simply doing this a traveler can rest assured that whatever

happens on a trip he or she will be able to manage just fine.

About the Author

Go to this site for further information

on href=’’>travel

insurance with medical

. Here is further info on href=’’>travel

and health insurance


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Travel Safety – Not Overdoing It

Article by John Chambers

A safe trip anywhere is possible given that travelers take note of the necessary details needed to prepare for Problem free travels are what travelers expect when they make plans to go overseas regardless of the type of transportation they come to utilize. Travel safety remains to be a priority because accidents can strike at any moment regardless of the reputation of the travel provider and this article will prepare people for that. Travel safety is not an impossible dream if a traveler only becomes practical with what he or she packs when engaging to go on a trip.

Avoiding thieves is easy simply do not bring along something that would get them to notice the traveler. Escaping thieves can be done by not taking and showing off expensive items when a traveler goes on a trip. Packing light allows for a higher level of travel security for any passenger since he or she is only required to look after a limited amount of materials while traveling.

Traveling with a limited list of belongings can help passengers easily handle their bags and also handle important travel documents in the process. Another benefit from traveling light is also the reduction of times when the traveler needs to put his or her bag down to rest. Travel safety for valuables can be achieved by neatly placing the items in a hidden compartment in the luggage. When carrying cash, credit cards, passports, and passes by hand try to have these items stored in different places within a bag other than placing everything in one wallet.

Refrain from bringing too much valuable items to maintain the hassle free trip embarked on. Travel safety for people using glasses is having an extra pair for emergencies and the like. Also, travelers need to make sure that any required medication is brought along on a trip in adequate amounts.

Customs personnel may have problems with unlabeled bottles of medication a traveler brings along. Travel safety for drugs with narcotics is to attain a doctor’s note that can prove that these are needed by the traveler.

A traveler can do research to know more about the drug situation in a certain country. Embassies and consulates can offer information such as this to people who need them. Buying things with credit cards and traveler’s checks is travel safety for people.

Credit cards and traveler’s checks are easier and relatively risk free on the occasion of theft. Also photocopy the passport information page and bring passport photos to have the passport easily replaced if necessary.Trips with misplaced luggage can work easier for the retrieval of the said luggage if owner’s place tags with their personal information on the bags as these can be of great help to the airport personnel or civilians who may find the luggage so they can easily and quickly be returned to the rightful owners looking for them.

]Travel safety here though lies in partially concealing the tags to avoid other travelers to have your personal information. It is a must to have strong and durable locks for every bag to be brought along on a trip. Trips may have some emergency situations and it would be great if phones can be utilized and a telephone card works to satisfy this.

Access codes are also pertinent information all travelers should take note of since phone cards will be of no use without the accurate codes and there are different codes that a specific country uses. Travel safety should be prioritized by all travelers alike and this can be satisfied by considering a few tips and suggestions.

About the Author

As a person looking for travel insurance direct you should visit that site. Learn more on the topic of travel insurance direct.Distributed by

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Coach Hire Safety

Article by Catherine James

One of the many roles of VOSA: The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, is to monitor and grade coach hire companies on their potential safety. Ok it sounds dry, but you need to know about this government body if you want to get hold of up-to-date coach hire safety information. This agencies mission is to save lives, cut crime, protect the environment, value people, and deliver value for money. No small endeavor, and wrapped up in all of this mission statement is passenger safety. So what constitutes a safe coach?

VOSA, a government agency is responsible for maintaining up to date data on all PSV, Public Service Vehicles. Public Service Vehicles include coach hire vehicles as coaches carry passengers for an agreed cost. Coaches fall into the category of Large Public Service vehicles as they can carry more than eight passengers. To be able to drive a coach, the driver needs to be in possession of a valid PSV license. In order to legally operate a coach, the coach owner must have obtained an appropriate and valid license for the coach and in addition, the coach must be registered as a PSV vehicle.

The onus is on the coach hire operator to have valid documents. Registering a coach with the vehicle licensing department will instigate a record of the coach being transferred to VOSA. A sophisticated administration of quality checks at all levels of this monitoring system have had to be put into place in order to insure the quality of the information held on each coach, coach owner and all of his/her employees is correct and up-to-date.

The reason so much care has to be taken in recording and monitoring coaches and coach operators is due to the very nature of the industry. The coaches will require routine maintenance, the safety of a vehicle one year will not guarantee its’ road-worthiness 6months later. A good reliable coach driver on year may develop health problems the next, and so on.

The whole area of coach safety and the assessment of this complex issue is by its’ very nature, thwart with difficulties. What factors to consider when making this assessment has been debated between information analysts’, transport experts and transport providers for decades. In 2002 when the overseeing body, VOSA was given its’ overall powers of administering and enforcing standards for coach hire companies. In addition they are instrumental in the development of safety standards. These standards need to be disseminated to coach hire operatives. VOSA and agencies working for the organization are then responsible for assessing and ultimately, enforcing these standards, and ultimately feeding data back to the overall agency.

One of these changes was agreed and subsequently put into force in August 2008. This standard was “A Certificate of Professional Competence for Professional Bus/Coach Drivers”. Within this were changes to the way in which both bus and coach drivers are required to qualify for their license. The reason for this change was in order to standardize the licensing process throughout all the European Union Member states.

The New Fixed Penalty Scheme and Coding of Operators into Red, Amber and Green, and how this helps improve coach hire safety, will be discussed in subsequent articles.

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Safe coach hire covering London, Hertfordshire and Essex a good quality coach hire operator Hertfordshire based Galleon Travel.

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