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The Aladdin Secret
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The Aladdin Secret

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Happiness in an instant! The Secret and Happiness.

Article by Annet van Dorsser MSc

Most of you have probably heard of the movie “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction”. All over the world people are talking about it. Is this a new hype that will eventually disappear? Or is there an universal truth hidden in this information? And what does it have to do with being happy?

Good questions. Many different answers. And…. That is exactly what “The Secret” is all about. What you see, is what you get! Do you believe in “The Secret”, than it will work out great for you. If you don’t believe it, don’t worry, it won’t work for you. This is “The Secret” or “Law of attraction”, in action. You get, what you expect.

Personally I always start out believing new things, as long as they sound reasonable. This is a choice! From there on I try them out and draw my own conclusions. And guess what…. of course it works with this attitude. It works for health, abundance and… happiness.

In fact there is nothing new about “The Law of Attraction”. Many philosophers wrote great books about it: Charles F. Haanel, David Cameron Gikandi, Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Trine and others. Deepak Chopra talks about it in “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. It’s a truth known for centuries, “sold” now under a new great name.

If you go to the basis of this law, it becomes clear that we all consciously or subconsciously choose our own way of looking at everything that happens in our lives. If we decide to be happy, happy events will follow or at least we will experience them happily. One day I experienced this very clearly. I was driving my car and choose to be happy. Guess what? Within 30 seconds I ended up in a traffic jam and had the feeling “Great, a traffic jam!” Nobody would react this way, because we are all brought up to believe that a traffic jam is bad. But with happy feelings, I experienced it so differently. I was happy and stayed happy, no matter what.

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About the Author

Annet van Dorsser MSC has over 30 years of experience in psychology, acupuncture and nutrition. She works with patients on a daily basis and wrote many books, articles and E-books on these subjects. She is the director of the European Institute for Spiritual Psychology and European Institute for Nutrition.

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The Secret of Success and Happiness

Article by Joshua Nyamache.

Let’s face it that every person has his own secret of success. By the way, what is your definition of success? There isn’t a generally accepted meaning of the term because each person puts his own personal spin on what it means.

This isn’t really surprising because every person is unique in how he thinks and what his goals in life are. In fact, one defines it from his achievements of goals. Before you can achieve goals, you should decide on what your definition of success is.

Some people feel that to be successful means you are happy. Happiness is a very individual thing. What makes one person happy may not even be of interest to another person. It is up to you to find out what truly makes you happy.

Some people will quickly say that having a large amount of money will make them happy. Others say that happiness is helping people to be their best they can be in life while others say that happiness is much simpler than that. Neither answer is right or wrong. It is up to the individual because the secret of success and happiness is a personal matter just like the definition of success.

Success might be a goal for your business life and career or it might be something you strive for in your personal life. Personally, my vision and secret of success is the combination of the two. I think success means much more than having a huge bank account.

Although financial security is a big part of being successful, I think it takes much more than that to have a happy life. There are plenty of other riches to be had besides money like your family and friends. Love and helping others to be their best they can are very important secrets of success and components to living a happy life.

You should get a clear image of what success is before you attempt to achieve it or else you won’t have a clear cut goal to shoot for. If you don’t know where you are going you will have a hard time getting there.

If you know exactly what you want in your life and also know exactly what makes you happy, then you have found your personal definition of success. By this you will have an easier time when attaining your goal.

You are a unique individual and your secret of success is unique also. Someone else might not agree with your ideas for happiness and success but don’t let that bother you. You have only one life under the sun and you should live to its full. Go for it, don’t hesitate!

About the Author

Sometimes it becomes hard to tell whether someone wants to be your friend or lover. By the way, do you know how to tell? Why not read more by clicking friend or lover.

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Dj Andi feat. Stella – Happiness (radio edit) Music & Lyrics : George Hora and Kamelia Produced by: George Hora POWERED BY : DJ ANDI STUDIO 66 TImisoara ROMANIA 2010 COPYRIGHT OWNER When you look into my eyes tell me what you see, Do you feel my love for you makes you happy, sets you free? When you look up in the sky tell me what you see, If you only see the clouds, I know the remedy: It’s in the ocean, yeah! Happiness is all around, happiness! It’s in the sunlight, yeah! Happiness is all around… Open your eyes wide, Open your eyes…Oooooh! Open your eyes wide, Open your eyes…Ohhhh! Huh, hah, heh, hah, ram-pa-dam, hah, heh, hu tam-tam, Huh, hah, heh, hah, ram-pa-dam, hah, heh, ram-tam-tam
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The Secret of Abounding Happiness

Article by Liza Othman

Great is the thirst for happiness, and equally great is the lack of happiness. The majority of the poor long for riches, believing that their possession would bring them supreme and lasting happiness. Many who are rich, having gratified every desire and whim, suffer from ennui and repletion, and are farther from the possession of happiness even than the very poor.

If we reflect on this state of things it will ultimately lead us to a knowledge of the all important truth that happiness is not derived from mere outward possessions, nor misery from the lack of them. If this were so, we should find the poor always miserable, and the rich always happy, whereas the reverse is frequently the case. Some of the most wretched people whom I have known were those who were surrounded with riches and luxury, whilst some of the brightest and happiest people I have met were possessed of only the barest necessities of life. Many men who have accumulated riches have confessed that the selfish gratification which followed the acquisition of riches has robbed life of its sweetness, and that they were never so happy as when they were poor.

What, then, is happiness, and how is it to be secured? Is it a figment, a delusion, and is suffering alone perennial?

After earnest observation and reflection, we find that all, except those who have gained the wisdom, believe that happiness can only be obtained by the gratification of desire. It is this belief, rooted in ignorance, and continually watered by selfish cravings, that is the cause of all the misery in the world. And I do not limit the word desire to the grosser animal cravings; it extends to the higher psychic realm, where far more powerful, subtle, and insidious cravings hold in bondage the intellectual and refined, depriving them of all that beauty, harmony, and purity of soul whose expression is happiness.

Happiness is that inward state of perfect satisfaction which is joy and peace, and from which all desire is eliminated. The satisfaction which results from gratified desire is brief and illusionary, and is always followed by an increased demand for gratification. Desire is as insatiable as the ocean, and clamors louder and louder as its demands are attended to. It claims ever-increasing service from its deluded devotees, until at last they are struck down with physical or mental anguish, and are hurled into the purifying fires of suffering. Desire is the region of hell, and all torments are centered there. The giving up of desire is the realization of heaven, and all delights await the pilgrim there.

Heaven and hell are inward states. Sink into self and all its gratifications, and you sink into hell; rise above self into that state of consciousness which is the utter denial and forgetfulness of self, and you enter heaven. Self is blind, without judgment, not possessed of true knowledge, and always leads to suffering. Correct perception, unbiased judgment, and true knowledge belong only to the divine state, and only in so far as you realize this divine consciousness can you know what real happiness is. So long as you persist in selfishly seeking for your own personal happiness, so long will happiness elude you, and you will be sowing the seeds of wretchedness. In so far as you succeed in losing yourself in the service of others, in that measure will happiness come to you, and you will reap a harvest of bliss.

Abiding happiness will come to you when, ceasing to selfishly cling, you are willing to give up. When you are willing to lose, unreservedly, that impermanent thing which is so dear to you, and which, whether you cling to it or not, will one day be snatched from you, then you will find what seemed to you like a painful loss, turns out to be a supreme gain. To give up in order to gain, than this there is no greater delusion, nor no more prolific source of misery; but to be willing to yield up and to suffer loss, this is indeed the Way of Life.

More tips on how to lead a successful life in “From Poverty to Power”.

About the Author

Liza Othman manages an ebook website. Find self-help, food & recipes, and hobby ebooks at

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The Real Secret To Wealth & Happiness!

Article by Amit Desai

Happiness is what causes Wealth, Wealth does not cause Happiness!!! Most people believe that, when they will become rich, they will become happy. The reverse is the TRUTH. You become wealthy only when you are basically a happy & positive person in life. Not the other way round.

Life all about becoming wealthy being happy. My only intention is to help you make a lot of money being HAPPY. Otherwise, what’s the point of making money if you won’t be happy at the end of it all?

Fill your heart with bliss & go about doing your work to make your life a grand CELEBRATION. Make a lot of money being happy. That will be your real test of success & character.

Money has got nothing to do with your happy-ness. If you are thinking that, when you make an ‘X’ amount of money you will become happy; I promise you won’t. Human wants are unlimited & ever-changing. Even the world’s richest people have their own wants.

Wealth without happiness will make you feel completely empty from inside. So, start by being happy in the present with whatever you have in life & then go about building your grandest dreams from this state of emotion. Only then you will attain Real Success.

This entire experience of life is not about “the stuff”. It is about the expansion and the joy that you feel from the inside. We have heard it many times before that, “it’s not about the destination, but it is about the journey.” The same is true in manifesting the life that you want.

Life is about closing the gap between what you don’t want in your life, and what you do want. Closing that gap is as the French say, “joie de vivre” or the zest of life. When you are in alignment, you are closing the gap, and therefore are the expanded version of you.

Being rich is not just about having more MONEY!!! Being rich is, knowing how to get everything you desire in life. That’s the real definition of being rich. Being rich is having the freedom to be able to do anything & everything whenever you want to do it. Being Rich is to experience the Grandest Glory called LIFE. Life was meant to be a Grand Celebration you see.

You are the greatest & the most wonderful creation of nature. You don’t even have to look elsewhere to find God. In fact, you were actually made in the image of God. Think about it. You possess in you, all the powers of the cosmos to make a heaven of a hell & a hell of a heaven by the virtue of the thoughts that you think in your mind!!!

When I say that you were created in the image of GOD, it doesn’t have to mean that we all are alike. What I intend to mean is that, in essence we are all made & composed of the same stuff. We are all made of the same energy which can vibrate at different frequencies to produce different results.

When you learn to control & direct your energy frequencies to vibrate & resonate at will, you become a deliberate creator in life & then you can create & manifest anything you want out of thin air (ether, I believe).

About the Author

Amit Desai is an Author & Keynote Speaker on The Law of Attraction, Prosperity Catalyst & Trainer

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Great Expectations: It’s the Secret to Coaching

Article by Gregg Thompson

Great Expectations It’s the secret to coaching.

By Gregg Thompson

The late Boyd Clarke, co-author of The Leader’s Voice, was a kind and generous man who treated everyone he encountered with dignity and respect. He was a wonderful friend. He could also be a royal pain in the butt. Conversations with Boyd were often challenging. When Boyd looked at you, he didn’t see you as you were but rather as you could be. This was quite disconcerting. Boyd had the knack of looking past your imperfections and shortcomings, seeing only a wealth of natural talent and countless opportunities ahead. Boyd had great expectations of others. He was a coach!

Boyd was fond of saying, “Our job is simply to help others become the best version of themselves.” Is this not the quest of all of us who seek to coach?

We do not automatically assume the mantle of coach when we become managers. Management is an assignment; coaching is a choice. In fact, it is two choices. The one we make to be coach-like and the one someone else makes to welcome us into the coaching relationship. Through my work as an executive leadership coach and my research into coaching within organizations, I have discovered that there is no perfect formula, no step-by-step process which results in exceptional coaching.

Three Principles I find, however, that great coaching relationships are based upon the principles Boyd employed in his relationships: appreciation; confrontation; and accountability.

1. Appreciation. Notable thinkers in the arena of Appreciative Inquiry such as David Cooperrider have advanced the theory that organizations change in the direction of inquiry. In other words, rather than focusing on flaws and shortcomings, if you seek out and identify the best traits of an organization, you will propagate more of these traits. So too with individuals. The effective leader coach is skilled at recognizing and promoting the natural talents of others. (In fact, we refer to the person being coached as the Talent to reinforce this idea.) This was one of the first things I noticed about Boyd when we met at graduate school. Many of the talents and abilities he noticed in me caught me off guard -they were things I had either never considered or had intentionally ignored -but I found myself liking the way I looked in his eyes and I wanted to see more of myself this way.

2. Confrontation. Boyd was a warm and gentle person but not one to be taken lightly. In fact, it was often quite painful to be in his presence. He would say anything if he thought it to be true. (How many real truth-tellers do we have today?) Boyd didn’t just see the greatness in others; he confronted them with it. A conversation with Boyd could be quite unnerving. Why? Because you could not unring the bell. The genie was out of the bottle. Once your talents and your potential were named, they were out there, and it was up to you to deal with the information. Aspirations and dreams that seemed too big, that I had worked for years to ignore, were back, and louder than ever, and the only choice I was left with was to acknowledge them, and to act.

3. Accountability. Occasionally I would find myself avoiding Boyd. If I had committed to making some kind of change in my management, my leadership, or my performance and had not followed through, I would usually steer clear of him. Boyd was not the kind of person to let you slide by on anything but your very best. He would hold you accountable, not to his standards but to your own. In my own coaching practice, I try to follow Boyd’s example. As presumptuous as it may sound, I hold the Talent I coach accountable for the commitments they make in our sessions. These are senior, very successful executives who are seeking to significantly increase their leadership effectiveness. This kind of change does not come easy and does not happen without the executive being accountable to someone. That person is frequently their coach.

Coaching is becoming popular because it works. When a person receives high quality, one-on-one coaching, there is often an increase in their performance. Sadly, there is a chronic undersupply of great coaches. We have found that managers who are asked to coach their constituents are often woefully unprepared for this task. They possess all of the basic interpersonal and management skills needed for their supervisory role but find that these are insufficient to facilitate sustained performance improvement in those they lead. Often, they fall back on the comfortable rituals of giving advice and telling war stories -the two practices we find most commonly confused with coaching. It is not because these managers lack the desire or the ability to become forces for positive change in the working lives of the Talent. They are simply in need of a better understanding of what great coaching is, and how they can practice it.

Being a great coach is not like being part of a secret society whose doors are open only to external professionals. Coaching effectiveness is achievable by anyone who has the selfless desire, in the moment of the conversation, to direct all of their abilities and expertise into the service of the Talent. Coaching effectiveness can be developed. I see it every day with my clients. To do so, leaders must move beyond basic supervisory skills and performance management processes into a different way of being. Coaching is not simply about doing more of the same. It is about becoming a person like Boyd, who refused to see others as anything other than their absolute best, confronted them with the greatness he saw in them, and held them accountable for living up to that greatness.

I’ve asked thousands of managers: “What are the qualities and behaviors of those individuals who have the greatest impact on your performance and career?” Responses include: “She saw something in me that I could not yet see in myself,” “He challenged me to step up to a bigger game,” “She held me accountable to a higher standard.” These responses describe perfectly the coach-like leader who really makes a difference in the performance and careers of others.

Are you this kind of a leader? Are you a true leader coach? Do you insist on seeing the best in others? Do you challenge them to live up to their own high standards? Do you hold them accountable for outstanding performance everyday of their working lives? And perhaps the thorniest question of all: If the people in your organization were asked to identify their greatest coach, would your name be on their lips?

About the Author

Gregg Thompson is the President of Bluepoint Leadership Development ( ) and the author of Unleashed! (Select Books) ( Email

This is a sample of The Art of Coaching in Business video. In this video, consultant Gary Schuman discusses coaching successfully with seven extraordinary individuals who understand the coaching process inside and out: Herb Kelleher, Chairman & CEO of Southwest Airlines Jack Nicklaus, One of the greatest golfers of all time Mercedes Ellington, acclaimed choreographer Keith Lockhart, Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra Lenny Wilkens, “Winningest” coach in the history of the NBA Jim Flick, Coach to Jack Nicklaus Sarah Nash, Managing Director of JP Morgan More information about the video is available at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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The Secret to Your Personal Development Enclosed…

Article by Toby Layla

The subject of personal development is often missed. The skills and traits that go along with Personal Development are commonly overlooked by new Network Marketers or those Home Based Business owners that are completely intoxicated by money.

It’s funny… if you were to line up 10 of the Top Money Earners within the MLM industry and ask them to speak freely on the most important skills to master for 2 minutes… you would consistently hear the words Personal Development and Training.

How do you measure your own personal success?

Are you measuring your happiness by:

– The car you drive.- The house you live in.- The number of new reps you sign up each day.- The amount of leads you were able to generate.- The totals in your bank account.

These are the most common ways that people mistakenly measure their success and happiness in the MLM Industry.

Of course these factors would please you. However, if you are using these environmental factors to measure your success and happiness… what happens if the external environment changes?

If you go a day and only created 5 leads, or signed up 1 rep instead of 5… if your car gets repossessed, and the numbers in your bank account start to plummet…suddenly there goes your happiness.

If your joy and happiness is dictated by your external environment, you should know it’s not sustainable.To aquire Personal Development skills means to achieve inner contentment and peace, and to have your joy and happiness independent of the outer circumstances.

The Network Marketing business is not easy, it is simple, but not easy. There will be ups and there will be downs, and more downs than ups until you get there… but to achieve success that will be sustainable you must undergo Personal Development training.

Your Personal Development Plan doesn’t have to involve a shrink or lengthy retreat to the Buddhist temples. The fantastic thing about the Network Marketing industry is those that have sustained inner contentment and success are happy to share.

– Personal Development Books- With CD’s your Car can become a Self-Help University on Wheels- Seminars & Webinars- Ipods allow you to have your mentors voice in your ear at all times- Daily NewslettersDo not come from the mindset that Personal Development is not going to increase your paycheck. With every Personal Development skill you obtain, you’ve increased your value to the Home Based Business arena.

At least 1 hour a day should be designated for Personal Development.

To Take 1 Year off The Learning Curve of”>Personal Development and to sign up for the most powerful Self Development Newsletter on the Planet Go Here <ahref=””>

About the Author

Toby & Layla are Internet Marketing Jedi’s who are here to Help everyone who wants “it” so bad they will not stop.

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The Source of the Secret of Happiness

Article by Rachell Ann Simbulan

What could possibly be the secret of happiness? The pursuit for happiness is inherent to every human being. All the efforts and achievements are focused to one goal, and that is how to find happiness. In order to answer this query, it is

necessary to know the perspective of the person that is looking for happiness.

What is Happiness?

When we try to discover something, it is important to know first the facts about it. Since, we are trying to know the secret of happiness; we have to get vital information about happiness. Happiness is defined as a feeling or a state of mind

that is characterized by sheer joy, satisfaction, pleasure, contentment or love. People, in their attempt to know how to find happiness, turned to several possible ways to look for its sources. The many ways to identify the sources of

happiness are through psychological, biological, philosophical, and religious means.

The source of happiness depends on what will satisfy the person looking for it. Happiness may originate from wealth, position in life, fame, knowledge, or having a good family.

Happiness from Material Wealth

Many people try to find the secret of happiness by having material possessions. They relate their happiness to wealth and work all their lives to haul many things. These people will be satisfied when they are able to acquire the top of the

line car model, building new huge homes, or being entertained by the latest electronic gadgets.

Happiness from Personal Achievement

Other people find the secret of happiness through personal achievement in their professions or careers. These people know how to find happiness by doing well in their jobs and achieving high position in work or society. They will always

feel happy when given commendations and promotions in relation to what they have achieved.

Happiness from Fame

The secret of happiness for many people in sports and entertainment industry is fame. Their happiness is from winning contests and being famous celebrities. They work all their lives mastering their sports in order to have victory. The

entertainers in singing and acting maintain their fame by providing their greatest performance at all times. Their happiness depends on how long they are able to maintain being at the top.

Happiness from Educational AchievementsThe secret of happiness to other people is from attaining the highest possible level of education. These individuals are not contended by just graduating from college, but they want to achieve higher level of learning such as master or

doctorate degrees. However, their quest will never end and will continue their learning as much as they could.

Happiness from Family

Many people declare that the secret of happiness is their families. These people know how to find happiness by just enjoying the company of their family. Their life is centered to relationship with parents, children and relatives. Their

family becomes the source of strength to face trials and inspiration for their achievements. People who are happy with their family cherish the experience as treasures in life.

About the Author

In the final analysis, finding happiness totally depends on the person looking for it. How to find happiness is based on personal preferences and priorities in life. This is determined by

knowing where people invest most of their efforts and aspirations. Combining these facts will determine how to find the secret of happiness. Felix Makmur is the owner of Secret of Happiness where he shares various tips and strategies that you can apply right now to find inner happiness in your life, regardless of your circumstances. Download your FREE Exclusive Report “How to Be Happy Now – 7 Powerful Secrets to Find Happiness No Matter What” and 30-Minute Relaxation Meditation MP3 Worth Over at

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