China Tourism Industry Analysis: The travel behavior of four elements of motivation – Travel – Sport

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2W-2H from “Everyone has travel needs” basic living needs of the proceeding, to simulate the travelers from the ordinary to the motives and behaviors. In fact, that is, ordinary individuals were all related, induced activation of a traveler information, and then travel schedule, the final implementation of the travel itinerary of four elements of the steps. Where Wheretoplay What Whattoplay play Howtoplan how to Howtoplay how to play Everyone has a dream, a dream would want to travel. Dream material shows the role of human feelings of pleasure, warm environment, the wealth of sweet affection and even meet. All this can change because of travel, because travel and achieve. Travel is a modern way of life in different places of temporary, with the enjoyment of amateur sex and so on. Travel can change the personal view, the accumulation of increased capacity to enrich their knowledge … … these are laid for the realization of a dream than a subjective basis. 2W-2H from “Everyone has travel needs” basic living needs of the proceeding, to simulate the travelers from the ordinary to the motives and behaviors. In fact, that is, ordinary individuals are all related, induced activation of a traveler information, and then travel schedule, the final implementation of the travel itinerary of the four elements of the steps. Although in this relatively mature before a variety of travel motivation theory, such as Maslow’s famous theory of demand. But what kind of information can induce travel motivation, how to travel motive for the behavior of induced travel behavior in the implementation level elements which must be? These problems are recognized scholars have been unable to obtain and satisfactory answer. The key is that the former travel motives or behavior, often built on the traditional travel industry and on the basis of traditional information dissemination, and not the introduction of today’s digital life in new Internet ideas. Such as common “meals, lodging, travel purchase entertainment” elements of the six travel travel industry has been regarded as a classic chain, but many emerging travel network SNS had jumped out of the original framework of industry profitability. The other hand, with the motive of the close relationship of information, especially social scientists Gregory Bateson’s “understanding of nature and society”, has completely broken the chain of travel industry knowledge of the travel motivation factor. Information to stimulate the motivation of action common to all travel needs. 2W-2H (go, what to play, how to, how to play) in the tradition of travel motivation based on the integration of today’s communication, behavior, psychology, cybernetics, and even science and technology development trend, as travel industry with a new behavioral theory of motivation. Where Wheretoplay Information Information stimulate the most common natural instinctive desire to travel. For example, in a place once the story, such as Film Classic scene somewhere in there, to arouse you ever dream of such a background Music . Our communication to the public the story of Third Sister Liu, led the Guilin Travel ; We show to the public, Ming and Qing dynasties of the royal family disputes, led the museum’s tour amount; Hemingway, Joyce, these literary giants, led the people on the Paris Left Bank tourist impulse; a “The Mummy (Mummy)” to Egypt tourism revenue and create a lot of accidents … … these are the motivation to stimulate travel demand information. Either from Travel Products sold for the establishment of scenic attractions, travel, media, publicity and promotion, are in the use of a similar message with the target to stimulate each other, “where.” Once the information when people inspired, “where” of reverie, the thus converted into a common natural demand for a travel motivations of potential consumers. What Whattoplay play What where … … to play … play what where … “Where” and “play anything” is like a pair of twin brothers, both almost simultaneously conceived and born.

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Home Business Expert: Direct Sales & Personal Development Industry

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Direct sales, viewed through the angle of personal development industry provide a much larger canvas for a home business entrepreneur. It offers tremendous potential for the work from home entrepreneur who is looking for a handsome home business opportunity that fulfills his/her need for that extra dollar. The direct sales and personal development industry also provides the opportunity of meeting a stranger everyday – so this can be great when you are working from home. When you are marketing to your prospects, you often need to meet them in the real world as well. This is a good break for the work from home person who may be glued to the computer for hours. Yes, the direct sales and personal development industry holds a lot of promise.

Direct sales and personal development industry is growing at an exponential rate. Personal development is what everyone wants to achieve, but it is not easy – often one has to put in a lot of hard work to get the desired results. That is why most of those who are looking for an improvement are always in the search of the right personal development solutions, thus making the direct sales and personal development industry extremely lucrative.

The personal development industry is a market full of repeat buyers who are constantly hungry for knowledge and information – and this information is available through CD’s and DVD’s, ebooks, audio files and recordings of live speeches from experts. There are very few businesses that allow you to genuinely help people and make money at the same time. So, as a work from home business person, your direct sales business in the personal development industry is sure to succeed.

There are definite advantages of working from home. Imagine doing the hours you want – imagine being able to stay close to your kids all the time – imagine just having to put in 3-4 hours a day. That is why so many people are opting for a home business and are even leaving their full time jobs. And the direct sales and personal development industry is a great choice as a home business. Not only are the prospects in the direct sales and personal development industry good, but as you establish your business, you can also gain yourself from the offerings made by the direct sales and personal development industry. And this will help you improve yourself, which will again have a positive impact on your business.

In fact, the direct sales and personal development industry is one of the best areas where you can start your own home business. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start off in the direct sales and personal development industry.

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Health reminder: Summer must-5 anti-fatigue Jiefa food – health, health – Food Industry

Article by hi joiney

In our view, is normal. Then, when it seems unexplained, or the body is still unable to resume after a break, we will be worried. Sleep quality is not high, Diet Disorder (such as unbalanced diet, or diet), lack of exercise and oxygen … … to correct these errors is often enough to allow you to recuperate. The following five anti-fatigue food, and perhaps give you energy to work in a busy doubled. Balanced diet is the key Balanced diet is certainly diverse, in order to avoid malnutrition due to poor health. Need to comply with the following rules: each meal a fruit; twice a day of vegetables (raw and cooked accepted); food with electrical Starch Food, but not too much (bread, pasta, rice, dried vegetables, preferably crude, because it contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts); once a day of meat, fish or eggs; finally meal essential to dairy (such as Yogurt , Cheese, dairy snacks, etc.). Add sugar and carbohydrates appropriate As basic nutrients, sugars and carbohydrates are the main source of physical fitness. It runs all the organs, especially brain, have to consume sugar. Daily. 50%? 55% of the physical must rely on additional sugar. The best interests of the complex sugars (ie, “slow absorption of sugar”), because it does not quickly consumed by the body, you can always time to add energy. The following Food Are rich in complex sugars: pasta, rice, bread, dried … … However, there is no need to eat every meal, once a day is enough. Diet experts: biscuits, energy supply The main component of wheat biscuits, cookies provide the energy from the carbohydrate content. Breakfast in the ordinary biscuits, butter biscuits or breakfast biscuit dedicated to providing energy to ensure that people have to have lunch energy. If you eat a fruit, a Eggs , Drink a glass of milk, energy is a complete and adequate breakfast, you will have a morning full of energy. Afternoon tea, eat cookies and drink a few Beverages Can make your work with full enthusiasm has continued to work. Do not forget vitamin C Vitamin C, anti-fatigue effects are well known. In addition, it helps strengthen the immune function (resistance to viruses). Kiwifruit, citrus fruits (such as orange, lemon, grapefruit), red fruits (such as strawberry, raspberry), brightly colored vegetables (like cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers, etc.) contain a large amount of vitamin C. Diet experts: fruit, provision of vitamin The brain needs to work a variety of vitamins and minerals. B vitamins and vitamin C to maintain the body’s mental and physical strength is particularly important. Folic acid is a human growth and development and the nervous system to run essential vitamins, help to improve learning ability and memory. Green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, wild lettuce, spinach, etc.), melon and strawberry in the highest folate content. Vitamin C helps to maintain awareness (memory and learning) is effective. Vitamin C content of many vegetables and fruits are guava, parsley, peppers, kiwi, strawberries and oranges. So every 1 to 2 to ensure eat fruit, 500 grams of vegetables. Iron absorption can not be ignored Many women do not like to eat red meat (beef, lamb, etc.), but red meat contains iron is the basic ingredient of red blood cells, can guarantee that all organs of the body’s oxygen supply. Iron deficiency causes anemia, manifested as extreme fatigue. The best source of iron is blood sausage, liver, red meat, pigeon, mussels and other.

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Anna was admitted to the Sanchetti Hospital in Pune last night after he complained of severe chest congestion and fever…in the latest health bulletin doctors said that Anna’s health is stable now, doctors said that his blood pressure was normal and he had no fever.

“Health said,” push cereals prices – summer, health, health – Food Industry

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Well-known TCM expert Mr. Zhang Wuben the therapeutic regimen that once TV, Books and other vector-borne, they were enthusiastic practice of ordinary people to bring green beans, black beans, red beans and other grains Cereal Price climbing higher and higher. Reporter learned from the various markets in Jinan, Jinan today mung bean size of grain and oil shops 20 yuan / kg, red beans 18 per / kg, black beans 26 per / kg, 2-4 times higher than in previous years the average price.

About early March began, bridge district system Jin Jinan City farmers market grain and oil shops Haojing Li Jinlong found, mung beans, black beans, red beans, soybeans, black rice and other cereals prices began to rise, “two days up San Mao, three days up a mile up almost every day. “Haojing Li introduced in previous years at this point, mung beans, black beans, red beans, soybeans, black rice price per kg of basic in seven yuan -9 per hour, even though Strong Sales in the summer season, mung bean The maximum per kg, but also 8 yuan, can now risen to 20-21 yuan per kilogram.

Why food prices rising grain and oil shop owner did not know. Jinan, East Road, East Division grain farmers market Leilei owner of introduction, some people say poor harvests last year, arid northeast, resulting in this year’s bean Prices; Some say the South in the spring drought, resulted in barley prices rose. “Until recently we discovered, is a regimen called Zhang Wu of the Chinese diet experts pushing up food prices.” Grain monopoly in Jinan Square shopping district Ginza Sell Members told reporters that a small study, some customers took the diet of the famous Wu Chang, “to eat food out of the patient to go back,” Learning by selection of whole grains, cereals in recent sales surge.

This statement get a lot of grain and oil distributors agree, dragon grain store Haojing Li told reporters, in almost all her grain and oil shops to buy green beans, red beans, black beans and other residents, almost all know that Chang Wu and his health food of this therapy, ” is eating normally, Zhang Wu of the treatment that can eat whole grains, why not. “A 70-year-old aunt, said Professor Zhang Wuben teach you” eat eat healthy. “

Many members of the public health under the guidance of the grains of knowledge included in the daily diet. Reporter visited a number of food stores, supermarkets found no shortage of grain and oil sales areas were selected, many consumers regarded black bean, soybean, mung bean, as will buy goods from at least three catties jin, as many as five pounds to buy three pounds, grains stained with the “health, said” the light, the price is constantly pushing. However, higher prices did not affect the sales, some people told us, and now people Diet Pay more attention to health, grains and then you, as long as healthy, or will it insist on buying. The grain shop owner also confirmed that such a high cereals prices, not only does not restrict sales, on the contrary, grains generally increased sales 34 percent. As to how the price of grains

trend, a number of grain and oil shops and supermarket distribution operators that the therapeutic regimen as the wind blowing more intense, especially with the popularization of health knowledge, coarse grains prices are likely to be higher the more speculation. But agricultural experts, said the high-hwan hi, and then two months a season green beans grains will enter the market, can effectively inhibit the prices skyrocketed.

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Remind health: men over 40 in the mirror to see themselves – men health, health – Food Industry

Article by hi joiney

40 years old, is a very important phase of life man. This stage most of the men have elderly parents to care is the backbone of the family, career is in a life time of Dengfeng.

40-year-old man despite the pressure is not small, but life may be more advantageous. Walking to cars, elevator upstairs do it, much less exercise, therefore, obesity has become a lot of people trouble.

40-year-old man, with the older, many diseases are quietly coming, such as spinal disorders, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, are eating away the health and life of men.

Director of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Xiu-Hua Chen, MD, recommended that the love of other women in the mirror is just a patent, many men might look at themselves in a mirror, to see whether it has highlighted “the general belly” or “belt she getting wide”, and always found early health warning signs. If large changes in a short time, do not underestimate.

Men over 40 in the mirror to see themselvesSee his face Change a person’s health will be reflected in the face. Xiu-hua said that the Board consider a healthy complexion is a “red, yellow, faint, Ming Yun-subtle”, and his face is red, yellow, the color, hidden within the skin, shiny bright moist. This is the spirit of healthy and vigorous body, blood enough, the performance of organs functioning properly. But also because of age, physical, genetic, occupational, sun exposure and other factors there are differences. If you face a greater change and peace, ruled out the normal external influence factors, we must consider the possibility of disease or sub-health.

Face yellow Yellowish or sallow face are from the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach health movement, the strong blood, skin soft and smooth; spleen and stomach can not digest food very well, blood biochemical, then the minimalist pale or sallow complexion, which constitution is phlegm.

Proposed : Eat less Feigan thick greasy, cold moisture of the product. Can eat more Chixiaodou, lentils, broad beans, Peanut Such as food, can also be used glutinous rice porridge in the Diet to yam nursed back to health.

Turning blue Color green more because of gas machine is not adjusted, poor blood, blood stasis in the face. Chinese medicine, the liver can regulate blood flow and regulate the flow of qi body, so that blood peaceful. The blood loss and liver qi stagnation, looking young. This constitution mostly Qi Yu quality, congestion quality.

Proposed : Gas can be more rational utensils Jieyu, spleen and stomach function in foods such as barley, mushrooms, bitter melon. Eat less convergence sour things such as ebony, pickles, lemon, etc., so as not to block air machine. Can not eat more frozen food.

Black face Face Diablo mostly kidney. Kidney essence filling, kidney strong, the five internal organs working normally, blood strong, looks not bad. Virtual kidney failure, and make them face the dark, gray beard, teeth shaking pleasure, premature aging. Physical characteristics are mostly yin deficiency or intrinsic quality.

Proposed : Note that the essence of its own gas-solid protection, you can eat plenty of nourishing yin foods, such as Sesame, Glutinous rice, mung bean, squid, and fruit. Jichi spicy irritation, stir fried food and so on.

Pale Pale mostly qi, yang is more. Long time, if the abnormal lung function, then dry skin, gaunt and his face and hands white. Yang weak body can not moist skin, can lead to pale. Mostly qualitative or physical deficiency of yang.

Proposed : Qi deficiency spleen qi can eat more nutritious easy to digest food, or use qi herbs to restore his health, such as millet, rice, tofu. Yang quality of those products should Eat less fatty cold, summer is no exception; appropriate yang yang eat some food, such as lamb, leek, fennel, etc..

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Health reminder: 40/50/60-year-old men health – health, health – Food Industry

Article by hi joiney

Clinical survey: 20 years old to 40 years old male, there are many people suffering from prostatitis, many suffering from urinary infection; men over the age of 40, a considerable proportion of people suffering from physical dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia; More and more men into early menopause. Even more alarming, most men do not want to see Nankejibing. Men over 40, exercise + nutrition + to ensure a degree = healthy sex lifeDevelop exercise habits: life is movement. We often say that 40 perplexed 40-year-old man, whether in business or life are moving into a stable state, but will have very strong physical inertia. Exercise can reserve the function of the body into full play, enhance the body’s vitality. Many people are like youth sports, but a busy job, with a large, rarely a long time to. Exercise is a healthy habit, not only slow down the aging process, but also the muscles get stronger, increase the body metabolic rate, keeping the body healthy and young state. Ensure nutrition: health is very important point is nutritionally balanced and reasonable. Delicious now on the market are numerous, although can be a real treat, but easily lead to unbalanced nutrition. Cause too many toxins up delicacies, less intake of fruits and vegetables lead to a lack of antioxidant substances, water is too small to make the body excrete oxygen free radicals poor, long-term L. Wine Cause liver damage. So, while enjoying delicious also on nutrition, but make sure the law Diet, Maintenance good stomach. Degree sexual life: young people, although the energetic, but the treatment of sexual indulgence, or to make a moderate and not so regulate the immune system dysfunction, at an age vulnerable to thinking after the slow, with two no light, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness fatigue symptoms. Men over 50, add enough sleep + minerals + life = health lawSupplementation of vitamins and minerals: vitamin is essential for the maintenance of human life activity of organic substances, and minerals that form tissues and maintain normal physiological functions necessary for inorganic substances. Free radicals are the main cause of aging caused one of the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and -carotene and the mineral selenium can help people eliminate free radicals, so that at any time to maintain the best physical and mental state. For the 50-year-old man speaking, to have such a health awareness: Start a regular complement of vitamins and minerals, as his body lay a good foundation. Daily supplementation of vitamins in the body of this small action will play a highly effective conservation. Enough Sleep: 50-year-old male career and family as long-term physical exertion, physical strength and energy consumption overload, is often a lack of sleep, life is not law, the body clock disorder, and therefore low in spirits, dark complexion, eye bags, eye wrinkles increase. So, sleep well is to ensure good health and even a prerequisite for aging, in particular 0:00 to 3 am the following day period, rapid metabolism of skin cells, its metabolic rate is awake more than 8 times, so cut can not stay up late, so as not to miss this the best sleep. Regular life: the law and appropriate sex life can improve human immunity, so that a harmonious physical and mental health. The results show that: 45? 65-year-old male 4 month? 10 sex life would be more appropriate, but also to aging. Men over 60, reasonably new information to the brain tonic + = Health Eat tonic: Old people are taking a reasonable number of tonic, to prevent the emergence of old diseases, it is necessary. Foreign experts believe that eating the same as a tonic to be taken for life. Although experts do not recommend this, but can not be blindly optimistic that their good health, neither the hospital nor the appropriate tonic. In order to prevent disease, the appropriate tonic is also necessary. Health problems of older persons and more focused on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high metabolic disease (high blood sugar, high blood fat), osteoporosis, prostate, baldness, impotence and other issues, it can be targeted to choose fish oil, calcium, anti-aging supplements.

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History of education today: May 14 Education Events – Events – Education Industry

Article by jekky

2004 5 14 Education Zhang Xinsheng, Vice Minister Ambassador of Singapore Ministry of Education, the two countries signed “on the establishment of China?? Singapore Fund Memorandum of Understanding.” 2004 National College Entrance monitoring forum held in Ningbo, Zhejiang.2004 5 14 ~ 16, Minister of Education Zhou Ji went to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to conduct inspections, investigations, inspected some schools, the Ministry of Education attended the University of Inner Mongolia and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government build an agreement signing ceremony, hosted Students Ideological education, ideological and moral construction of primary and secondary schools, the western “two basics” crucial forum. 2004 5 14 ~ June 30 the Ministry of Supervision in Education and Supervision Bureau, the Chinese trade unions UNESCO, Health and Sports, respectively in Wuhan, Jinan, Xining, the Conservancy convened a central, eastern, southwestern Northwest, North China Northeast reporting the work of four public school exchange. November 12, the Ministry of Education Office, Federation of Trade Unions General issued the “National Affairs Public reporting exchange of minutes.” 2002 5 14 Journal of Vocational Education, held up a socialist society 85 anniversary. NPC Vice Chairman Ding Sun, China Vocational Education Sun Qimeng Honorary Chairman, the Central United Front Work Department deputy director, Wang Zhan, vice minister of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Security Vice Minister Liu Yongfu, attended the meeting. 2001 5 14 Minister of Education Chen Zhili met in Beijing with visiting Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Humam? Abdou? Khaliq higher education in Iraq, led the delegation. The same day, Vice Minister of Education Zhang Xinsheng, presided over the work with the Iraqi higher education delegation for talks on higher education, exchange students, etc. extensively discussed. Comrade Guo Mingqiu Ministry of Education of the original consultants in Beijing, died aged 84.Ministry of Education issued “on the secondary vocational school for migrant workers in rural vocational education and training of the notice.” Ministry of Education issued “first identified on the qualifications of teachers views on some problems.” Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Finance issued “on encouraging overseas students to serve the country forms a number of views.” Ministry of Education issued a circular, published in 2001, “red”, “yellow” card list of colleges and universities. 1998 5 14-day national universities commemorate the 20th anniversary of the criterion of truth Symposium held in Nanjing. 1993 5 14 and vice premier of the State Council, Beijing, 15 secondary school principals to invite informal discussion. State Education Commission Vice Renliu Bin attended the forum. 1990 5 14 from country Education Commission, China’s primary and secondary school teachers in early childhood Award Foundation have jointly issued “on the celebration of this year Teacher’s Day Activities to inform. ” General Office of the State Education Commission issued the “work on all types of Adult Enrollment emergency notification.” 1989 5 14 Senior CPC leaders such as the capital of more than 30 colleges and universities with student representatives of the discussion. 1988 5 14 from country Board of Education issued a “joint schools on the promotion of the views of Adult Higher Education.” “Opinion”, from the reform of teaching plans, curricula and Teaching material Start to promote Radio and TV Higher education, distance education universities and colleges, higher education self-study Test Distance education, etc. communicate with each other; workers and management colleges and universities College should be combined for efficiency and vigor; medium and small cities Broadcasting TV University of short-term vocational universities, colleges of education and Teachers College to implement the joint school.

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History of education today: May 19 Education Events – Events – Education and industry

Article by hi joiney

2006 5 19 the State Council in Beijing to strengthen and improve college enrollment management conference, State Councilor Hua Jianmin presided over the meeting, State Councilor Chen Zhili and delivered speeches. 2005 5 19 Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance, Education Department and other departments have jointly launched the first batch of seven new songs recommended children’s creative activities. 2005 5 19 Day? June 4 party members of the Ministry of Education, Assistant Minister of a Chinese education delegation Zheng Shu Shan Visit Cuba, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. 2004 5 19 Minister of Education Zhou Ji signed by the Ministry of Education Order No. 18, issued “National Education Test Violations approach “, implemented from the date of release. 2003 5 19 day management of local bonds to strengthen the work of the organization and coordination, unified leadership, the Ministry of Education, the State Council Office for Rectifying the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Audit Commission, Press and Publication Administration 6 ministries and commissions established Regulation of Educational Charge inter-ministerial joint conference system. First Inter-Ministerial Joint Committee held in Beijing, Minister of Education Zhou Ji at the meeting concluded that the inter-ministerial joint conference is a good form of the work, so working with the National Regulation of Educational Charge security and unified leadership of the organization, will a strong impetus to this work in depth. agreed by the State Administration of Radio, China Education TV Taiwan, formally launched the new temporary teaching satellite educational channel, called the China Education TV air classroom, it is designed for for “SARS” closed primary and secondary students across the country at home and teachers to provide teaching services of satellite television education channel. full-time compulsory education, the Ministry of Education issued “Moral Curriculum Standard (trial version).” The new curriculum standards in 2003 after the fall semester, the national experimental zone in some experiments. document issued by the Ministry of Education, “Educational Administration approval of project clean-up results”, abolition of the 25 administrative examination and approval projects, mainly related to college enrollment, professor emeritus appointment, infrastructure, training of school principals. 2002 5 19 sponsoring the 10th anniversary of the merger, Yangzhou University, Yang school in the 50th anniversary celebration of its 100th anniversary was held in Yangzhou. Li Tieying inscription for the anniversary of Yangzhou University. Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee Peng Peiyun, Xu, vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee, chang, Minister of Education Chen Zhili attended the ceremony General Assembly. 1998 5 19 Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Committee jointly held in the Great Hall of the capital Students Reports on the situation, invited central bank governor Dai to report for the ten thousand students. Ministry of Education, Office of the issuance of “1997 National Student myopia prevention notice.” 1991 5 19 to 24 students of the Third International Olympiad in Informatics held in Athens, Greece. Chinese athletes have been participating in the three groups score the first one, High School of Tsinghua University and Shanghai Yang Cheng Yang Yun and win the gold medal in Yanji School, Nanjing Normal University High School verge of war far from the silver. 1990 5 19 days “China Education Daily” reported: State Education Commission, responsible official of the 1990 National College Enrollment spoke. Stressed the focus is to consolidate Enrollment enrollment order to optimize recruitment environment, complete set of measures to ensure the quality of students for higher education to the stability and healthy development of the service. 1990 5 19 to June 11, Deputy Director of the State Education Commission Zhu Kaixuan rate education delegation visit to Tanzania and Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi and other African nations. 1989 5 19 The CPC Central Committee, State Council held the central government, and military cadres and the General Assembly in Beijing, Li Peng, Yang Shangkun speech, calling for all emergency mobilization and stop unrest.

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