Being Single – Happy People Attract Others

Article by Steve Hedger

Being single and loving it will attract others to you. So how do you create a happy you and bag a great relationship in the process?The key is to focus on what makes you happy when you do this you will have one result. You will be happy. Happiness is a choice! Lets try a quick experiment. Think of something that makes you sad and what do you get? Now focus on something that made you laugh out loud and now what do you get? Spend 30 seconds on each. Try it now before you read on……..

If you did this you will have created for two different sets of emotions purely based on thought. It’s impossible to have a happy thought at the same time as a sad one. So your goal is to focus on what makes you consistently happy and is not conditional on anything, such as finding Mr or Mrs Perfect.

Material possesions and people don’t make us happy long term, they are just short term fixes. If you have ever bought a car you will love it to start with, and before long you take it for granted and it’s no longer exciting. If you have bought a dress, a month later you find yourself saying I’ve got nothing to wear. The only person that can create long term happiness in us and and improve the relationship we have with ourselves… is us!

Money does not create happiness. Having the model figure does not make us happy. The proof is out there. There are plenty of miserable models in rehab or millionaires who are lonely so “stuff” is not the answer. What makes us happy is how we experience the world that we create.

If you are able to maintain a positive emotion in most situations, and look at bad experiences as learning opportunities, then you are almost there!

What do you really want?

Now is the time to stop looking for the perfect relationship and to focus and explore you. What is it that really makes you happy? What have you always wanted to do but were scared to try? What do you love about your life today and what could you do more of that creates those great feelings? The goal is to love and respect you. What could you do today, in the next week, over the next few months that would show you love and respect. How could you show yourself that you can now trust yourself to make sure you are happy every day.

This feeling of happiness creates a powerful feeling of independence and self-esteem. This is the feeling you need to be more attractive. What’s more important than how attractive you are, is how you feel about you.

The relationship hoppers are the people to avoid. They are the ones who need you to make them happy as they have not yet discovered how to look after their own needs.

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Article by Steve Hedger Relationship Coach and founder of Relationship and dating help, advice and tips. I cover body language, sex, affairs, love, soul mates, the art of being single. Plus the best relationship online sites and ebooks all at Come to DatingShoes today and ask Steve a question.

Revealing The Opportunities That Will Help You To Attract Money And Wealth

Article by Dr. Robert Anthony

People are often trying to accomplish a specific task when they are considering the opportunities which exist with self help audio programs. For some the pursuit of the self help audio program is to find a new way of perceiving their life and to make changes to get them out of an existing rut.

For other people the utilization of a self help audio is to help them in developing a new perspective in their respective environment whether it is as a parent, as a friend, as an associate, as an investor or as a business owner. When a person seeks the knowledge of a self help audio program, it is normally for two reasons, either to attract wealth or to attract money.

The requirement to attract money is usually self explanatory to many people. Individuals seek the possibility to attract money through these self help audio programs in order to seek a new perspective on existing methods. The ways that people seek to attract money vary exponentially depending on the self help audio program they’re looking to follow.

Some look towards the direct method to attract money with marketing or business endeavors, although these self help audio programs aren’t really self help solutions as much as financial business solutions. The true self help audio program promoting the ability to attract money looks at the person rather than the business and assesses their capabilities and views. It is a common expression to hear that a business does not make sales but the people behind the business do.

The second category is not quite as straight forward as the desire to attract money. The pursuit to attract wealth differs depending on the desires of the individual. Cash is normally not the root of many individuals’ troubles and they usually need a change in their own life to develop the opportunity to attract wealth.

Wealth has many different definitions and while it could incorporate money it’s usually referred to for less materialistic ideas like love, friends and family. To attract wealth is to attract others to you through the utilization of a positive attitude and advantageous way of life. This development to attract wealth might even create the chance for new doors to open which might incorporate financial gain though this may not have been your main purpose.

Whether you are looking to attract money or to attract wealth the resource of secret movie can aid you in your personal pursuit of self help. With the lessons that are found with secret movie a person could discover the perspective of self improvement and develop the mindset to find success in life.

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To learn more on the chances surrounding the secret movie visit

How To Use Runic Energy To Attract Wealth

Article by Elis Peterson

Click here for my FREE report The Way To Wealth! Are you holding yourself back from your financial independence? Watch this video to learn the five common mistakes that prevent the majority of American from becoming wealthy.

Learn How Understanding Wealth and Happiness Will Attract You Towards Success

Article by Lloyd Dobson

How to be a winner and choosing the lifestyle of achievers. The NetDivvy Terry’s Corner is unfolding some extremely powerful messages within the executive member’s area of the NetDivvy system. They are teaching how to develop the critical advantages that lead you to major accomplishments and prosperity. How to attract opportunity and begin a stronger, more successful life today.

The power of personal development is the secret ingredient and what you are really paid for in the market place and the internet. How to leave self limitations behind and seek the growth you desire. There are several key concepts and my hope is that you will find a few of these ideas useful to you right now.

The first keyword is fundamentals. This word is the basis for our quest towards success. The keyword in making our lives work well. Those basis that build the foundation for accomplishment. Remember there are no new fundamentals. Success is merely the natural results that comes from the consistent application of the practical fundamentals.

The second keyword for us to consider is wealth. Wealth is the word that brings about a wide variety of visual images. This word id where the dreams come from. And this is where true incentive is born. The mystery and mixture of mental image. It’s right use. it’s constant use is the way to a life unique an a life abundance.

There are several kinds of wealth; however we will focus on the wealth of financial freedom. Wealth that comes from the conversion of effort and enterprise into currency. and equity. For each of us the amount will be differ; but the dream for all of us I am sure is the same. Freedom from financial pressure.

Decide for yourself what wealth means to you. Latch on to your own mental image and let’s see if the ideas I am about to share with you makes sense and perhaps provide you the inspiration to put the plan into high action. So as the days pass you will discover a growing sense of freedom, dignity, self worth, substance and lifestyle.

The next keyword is happiness. The universal quest. Happiness is a joy. It is most often comes as a result of positive activity. Like wealth it too has a wide variety of meaning and interpretations. Happiness is the joy of discovery and the joy of knowing. It is a result of an awareness and full range of life. The color, the sounds, the harmony. And it is the joy of designing a life and practicing the fine art of living well.

The next key word to bring joy in our lives is discipline. If there is a magic word that stands out among all the words, this is the one. Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment. The bridge between inspiration and value achievement. The bridge between necessity and productivity.

Discipline is like a set of keys that unlocks all the doors to wealth, happiness, satisfaction, high self esteem, self worth, culture, joy, accomplishment and success. The first key to discipline is an awareness of the need for and value of discipline. And especially the disciplines to make the changes:

1) What will it take?2) What must I do?3) What must I become?

To get all that I want from my life!

The second key is the willingness and more important than that the eagerness. to maintain your new discipline deliberately, wisely and consistently.

And the third key to discipline is the commitment to master the circumstances of your daily life. To see and harness the opportunities. To make something out of the sun and the rain. Discipline does many things; but most important of all is what it does for you. It makes you feel better about yourself. Even the smallest discipline can have an incredible effect on your attitude.

Recognize that the start of the better life, the happy life is today. Start the new journey today. Faith and action have now taken charge. With discipline you can’t believe the positive moves you can make in the first day of your new beginnings. What do you have to loose? Only the despair and fear of the past. Only the dissatisfaction and unhappiness and fulfillment of the past. Only the frustration and low self esteem of the past.

You are ready to now fly like the eagles!

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Make it a great day and to your success!

Lloyd DobsonVisit my blog:

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What you need is power to attract wealth

Article by Susan Burgess

“Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another”. Richard Bach.

What does it mean to have wealth or be wealthy? Most definitions refer to wealth in terms of economic values, money, shares, stocks, real estate portfolios and personal real estate. Depending on where one lives around the globe the total wealth one has is said to differ.

Robert Kiyosaki author of many books including ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ explains wealth as a measurement of time and refers to the need for people to look closely at the length of time you can live the life you are leading now, without any adjustments, especially when you stop earning an income. This concept of Kiyosaki’s needs to be digested carefully, if you get that knot in the stomach feeling when you realize that you currently live way outside his parameter, if your income stops tomorrow, how long can you survive?

The unequal distribution of wealth worldwide is constantly a subject that is debated by politicians and the general public and in December 2006 results from the most up to date and most comprehensive study performed of personal wealth were released.

Take note, the results show that 1% of the world’s adults owned 40% of the world’s wealth and that the bottom half of the adults in the world only own less than 1% of the world’s wealth.The study also revealed that there are many adults in the high income countries that are incurring high mortgage and personal debt making them amongst the world’s poorest in terms of household or personal wealth. Kiyosaki’s point should be hitting home now.

Everyone on the planet has the ability to have wealth, but not everybody has the power within them to consent to receiving the wealth.

Wealth and abundance are not so much about how much cash you have or how many fancy cars are parked in the garage or how big the house is that you inhabit, however these tangible assets can all be yours if that is what abundance means to you.

In whatever country you live your duty is to abide by the laws that govern that country, whatever religion you follow you relate to the laws of that religion, the same is said regarding the Laws of the Universe.

Universal Laws know no boundaries, they know no limitations.

The only boundaries and the only limitations to discovering the power to start attracting your wealth are found within you.

About the Author

Researcher, Author, Owner http://www.wiseuptowealth.comSuccess Mentor and Wellness Coach. Reg.N.Dip. N.Ed.

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How You Can Attract Wealth into Your Life

Article by Carole G Delglyn

It is your destiny to be wealthy. The Universe is abundant. It is your birthright to attract wealth, Love, friendship, health, joy and happiness. It?s true we are all responsible for creating our own destinies. There are many exercises given in books which emphasize the importance of becoming wealth conscious to attract wealth. The problem is almost every time you try to do some of those exercises of wealth consciousness you will find a lot of resistance from your sub-conscious mind. This is due to our own negative belief system and it is this which we need to learn to control. We need to learn to control the emotions behind our thoughts. Creating a completely new thought pattern and way of thinking and not going back, accepting your old way of living a life lack of wealth consciousness. There are many wonderful books which teach you about attracting wealth using law of attraction. Most often, people buy these books due to the belief they already posses about the authenticity of law of attraction because of the incidents in their lives. You believe that having wealth consciousness is only way to attract wealth because you have indeed attract wealth at some point of time in your life.

As everything in life you have to be determined to be successful, if you keep falling back into old thought patterns you are defeating the object. Use signs, stimulating music, pictures etc.Create a consciousness of wealth. Do not fail due to the resistant from within which you fail to tackle first before starting the wealth exercises themselves.

You have to prepare yourself by scrutinizing the beliefs you have about money and wealth deeply. If you find your beliefs are resisting attraction then you have to either change your beliefs or erase them completely. Meditation can be very effective or daydreaming and creating future thoughts.

You have to start watching your emotions and the reaction of your body to the thoughts of wealth and money. Many people feel pressure and pain in the tips of the fingers when they are sad. For some sadness manifests itself as pain in the jaws. If thoughts of wealth are creating some type of uneasiness in your body, then it is necessary to change your beliefs about attracting wealth. With this knowledge about the deeply ingrained beliefs about wealth and money sending uneasy sensations to your body, you can start wealth attraction exercises. You may have a very strong belief system which you need to change before you can move on. You must think positively about wealth and money. Remember money is just a part of wealth. Wealth is the consciousness which makes you comfortable without the fear of unknown. When you replaced all your negative beliefs about wealth and money you will succeed in exercises of wealth attraction.

Carole G Delglyn

About the Author

Hi I am Carole G Delglyn I earn my living as an internet marketer which is great as it gives me time to also run my spiritual website.If anyone is interested in joining my business go to

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