Reiki Calgary — Why Is Happiness Not The Ultimate Goal? Why Is Our Cup Always Half Empty?

Article by Michael Hills

Reiki in Calgary taught me to trust in the heart. Reiki ultimately showed me that the heart is the source of all creativity, intuition, unconditional love, psychic awareness, of all that is and will ever be in reality. The heart I found through Reiki Calgary is not made of cells, vessels, veins, and muscle. It does not pump blood, and circulate oxygen either. That heart is the center that connects us to the great mystery of life. When I learned Reiki I became aware of my essential nature as pure consciousness; you can learn this too in Reiki Calgary at Thus, that which you feel through the heart is the source of creation talking through you. It is the way to get something even better than happiness. Happiness is just the opposite to sadness, after all it is fleeting, and conditional. The heart that Reiki Calgary revealed to me is the one that leads to the ultimate goal: inner peace.Inner peace is where sadness, happiness, joy, fear, where all desire evaporates and becomes unimportant, if not unnecessary. Inner peace is the ultimate goal, and the only way to eliminate all of your problems. Reiki Calgary can help you toward this goal. To gain, or maintain happiness is a problem, everything that has a gaol attached to it is a problem. The way to kill problems is to find the heart of inner peace where you will understand that you have reached a means in itself. Everything else is a means to an end, yet that end most people mistakenly consider to be happiness. I have learned that happiness is not a means in itself, it is not the ultimate goal, as it too is fleeting and must be maintained. The greatest goal of the heart is to reach perfect, pure, humble, and divine inner peace. It does not get any better than that. Anyone can achieve inner peace too. Give it a try. Reiki will help you. It is a beautiful and perfect feeling.

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