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I love the discounted net into the conference room to meet us is gentle afternoon sun and soft as the sun I love the discount general network CEO?? Han Chinese, after the start of a 80 girl. With all this, and her hearty laughter.

Han Huaxi laughter. Her laugh, not the toothy smile is not graceful, but a hearty laugh, brilliant, such as 38 ° in the summer sun?? It must be a very happy person, as no reservations can laugh.

Her smile brought her many friends, but also caused her a lot of confidence?? “In the early days, in a very difficult time, even two days and nights without sleep, I can laugh, smile will all the difficulties and hardships all melt. “

Hanwha has a bright smile to her clients?? I love the discount net 50 million members, has brought a good mood every day……

These timeless pieces Just early 20s, began business in a foreign land, talk about the experience of many frustrations. However, Hanwha’s dictionary, but could not find “difficult” word. “I am more optimistic by nature, it is always difficult to see but not that difficult, nor too much to remember and difficulties related matters. Therefore, when a lot of people ask me is not in the business process encountered many difficulties I do not know how to answer. you might say business is a very difficult thing, but I really do not feel hard. I have always felt that ‘difficult’ is a very complicated and very vague concept, who for I explain what kind of things that be difficult? If the difficulty is a tall thing, then I difficult to grips with every day. “Hanwha said.

Han Chinese from Beijing Jiaotong University Business Management Professional. On Other Work-study students to go outside, washing dishes, dishwashing, she began the first business, from the second year. At that time, chance, she found that many computer media paid great attention to college students, so few colleges and universities in the joint paper to the type of activities, to sponsor, such as and “computer report” Cooperation, A lot of colleges and universities to sponsor the annual report, and then to set the paper prices to students. “In this set you hundreds of dollars, the students are happy, happy newspapers a few years the benefits, or good, I also had their own income.”

By setting the newspaper, she summed up the business of a law court: a cake to share with everyone, all parties must benefit, so can the business well, big.

After graduation, with the accumulation of the university’s “business sense”, she quickly got the post of assistant general manager. But does not secure her, he just quit his job in 2004, took up patchwork of money, start a business career.

Although she has been saying he does not think that business is hard but the start time of the three fragments will still occur frequently in her mind:

Fragment 1: In 2004 she quit work, for business, to save money, New Year, to call my parents lied too busy return. Making phone calls, she stood on the streets of Beijing in winter, burst into tears, that everyday cold……

Fragment 2: She is Xianyang people like to eat rice. Just start, because too busy, so the days of instant noodles to eat all day long over a long time, when her trash in addition to the packaging of instant noodles and nothing else. Now think of instant noodles, her headache……

Fragment 3: Every morning, first thing in her eyes, dark circles. At that time, her greatest wish is that when you can sleep in till noon.

Hanwha frankly, that time itself does not hold on, want to give up, but I love the discount in the encounter of a member to the website of confidence, re-kindled her hopes. “Members have confidence in our website, how can I not?” This issue has been an inspiration to her.

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First priority is to support heart health br Professor Kong Lingxu born in 1939 in a Chinese family is the capital that year were full of quot four famous doctors quot one of Mr Kong Bohua of the Sun is now also the doctors is the Institute of Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine Research Institute chief physician and health Research Office br br Thus start with health Ling Xu naturally have more say Decades of experience as medicine Ling Xu continuously expand its field has related to digestive respiratory circulation cancer and many other diseases treatment attending the latter part of incurable diseases Bo read materials on a very complicated which his later studies of natural health is the foundation br br Ling Xu believes that top priority should be to support heart health he said quot quot via quot There is a saying called 39 tranquil nothingness infuriating from the 39 That is peace of mind the healthy atmosphere within the deposit then you the ability to withstand exogenous pathogens is strong stay healthy big chance quot regardless of the health of people suffering from disease or who are first mentality and Ling Xu from the clinic found that for cancer patients the more relaxed when people live a long time and the more intense the more detrimental to his condition improved the more likely problem In addition people watching from the long life and may the living environment personal diet variety vary but they are feeling expansive tranquil people see from the reports of longevity for the elderly such as centenarians with little quick temper a little on the people br br In addition the eating as we now know the health concept has been gradually he advocated omnivorous whether you like it or not to eat where appropriate to eat a little but the volume does not lack br br As for the fruit is now living conditions are good more choice but he stressed that the fruit must be suitable for them because of different physical persons For example the kiwi in the Chinese speaking adenosine cold you can go to Wei Huo but if the cold stomach something to make you uncomfortable Cold and Heat gentle diet fruit is the same People who like the quick temper or easily long mouth sores easy to upset people are the Heat of the people to eat cold of vegetables and fruits br br Lot of people like to eat Sichuan Sichuan region is characterized by wet weight in the heat of Sichuan to eat more food moisture can diverge not sickness is a balanced approach to find in Beijing dry climate the heat should not eat something Body heat of people eat more easily lose but the cold body of the people eat a little something no problem br br Fitness natural health is necessary such as jogging walking doing gymnastics and so on Moderate exercise can make blood flow and blood flow and to maintain the vitality of the body Ling Xu said quot water does not rot Hinge Does Not Stick quot is Hua Tuo in to tell his students when he said health methods and then two students live to more than 90 years of age br br quot But the movement should not be too such as physical strength is not good non going to run a marathon can not Must be based on their physical condition whether it is to play shadow boxing or running all the adjustment on the body The key is proper appropriate quot Ling Xu added br br Is raging for the moment quot SARS quot Ling Xu said quot The attitude is particularly important a good attitude and strong resistance the mentality is not good not only resistant to weak and have actually breed other problems for example There are rumors that the spirit was so scared not normal work hard prevention is necessary but not the same care and suspense quot He usually has accumulated that the physical is important as with the SARS patient contact body good people their resistance to strong he may not be the disease the body of poor people could easily ill However for the public in addition to active prevention we must maintain the life of the law appropriate exercise attention to change the clothes cold warm ensure adequate sleep avoid fatigue reducing stress and avoiding smoking enhance outdoor exercise enhance the physical such as jogging hiking sports martial arts can enhance the body 39 s resistance and cold and prevent the occurrence of a cold There are hot foot bath before bed to promote circulation dredge the meridians but also can enhance the upper respiratory tract immunity against influenza

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