Optimum Nutrition Will Improve Your Overall Health In Less Than 30 Days

Article by Patti Blevins

Optimum nutrition is considered to be a revolution in health care. When you fuel your body with optimum nutrition, you are giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients to enable your body to function and be as healthy as possible. The nutrition is what helps your body perform all sorts of basic functions…detoxification, strengthens your immune system, provides natural antioxidants, and provides digestive enzymes…to name a few.

Preventing or reversing disease-states is but one more function of optimum nutrition. Science is showing us every day that nutritional deficiency is contributing largely, if not actually causing, illness and disease in our bodies. But optimum nutrition is about more than just keeping disease and illness at bay. It is about living optimally, where we have room to stretch our physical, mental, and spiritual “muscles” to the full, without overstepping the threshold at which cellular health in any of the systems of the body becomes threatened.

Your nutritional goal should be to give yourself the best possible intake of nutrients to enable your body to function and be as healthy as possible. Optimum nutrition consists of eating the right amounts of nutrients on a proper schedule to achieve the best performance and the longest possible lifetime in good health. When you are providing the proper balance of nutrients to your body, your daily diet will consist of the right quantities of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to maintain a healthy body and to sustain the desired level of activity for the best quality of life.

Apart from being essential to general good health, optimum nutrition is so fundamental and powerful that it can speed healing and improve weight, energy, immune functions, sleep, mental acuity, feelings, attitude and just about any aspect of your being. It is a state of profound physical, mental and emotional well-being. Optimum nutrition is within all of our grasps; it starts with a commitment to a lifestyle.


Health is not merely the absence of pain or tension, but it is a joy in living; a real appreciation of what it is to have a healthy body with which to experience the many pleasures of this world. While it may sound simple…this isn’t an easy task.

Because of the nature of processed food and depleted soils, most nutritional experts believe that the current diet provides enough vitamins and minerals for survival, but not for optimal health. Minimizing the intake of processed foods is essential for restoring your digestive health.

Many health benefits are due to another group of health-promoting nutrients called phytochemicals, which are found in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Now, that’s coming back to the basics. Yet many people continue to be surprised that something as simple as coming back to basic nutrition, balancing your diet, and keeping healthy can go a long way to relieving daily aggravations such as skin problems, slowing down signs of aging, and keeping you looking better year after year.


So, the fact is that food is not only vital fuel, but also fundamental “medicine”…and it is vital that we pay attention to the quality and quantity of fuel that we feed our bodies. Optimum nutrition helps the body to cleanse and repair itself, restore energy levels, rebalance hormones, the blood sugar level, brain chemicals, and generally improve one’s quality of life. The quality and balance of our food intake is therefore a key factor in determining our overall health.

In whole foods, you will find the greatest concentration of quality nutrition per calorie of intake. Research has shown that optimum nutrition is achieved through the eating of a variety of natural foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals. It is about finding the foods and nutrients that will help you achieve better health and vitality, and avoiding those that may not suit you. Once optimum nutrition is in place, you can look forward to a consistent high level of energy, emotional balance, alertness, physical fitness, resilience against infectious diseases, and longevity.


In short, optimum nutrition is about providing the body cells and tissues with the vitamins and minerals they require to function to their best ability. I am now completely convinced that the concept of optimum nutrition is the greatest step forward in “medicine” for over a century, no less important than Louis Pasteur’s discovery of disease-causing germs or the discovery of genes. If this lifestyle of optimum nutrition is applied from an early age, it is likely to be your best guarantee for a long and healthy life.

You should, of course consult with your health care professional before starting any diet, exercise, or supplementation program. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your health care provider. Just make sure that you do your own health research as well…it will be a learning experience for which your body will thank you with improved health if you diligently fuel it with optimum nutrition on a daily basis.

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Patti Blevins is a wife, mother, and grandmother and is passionate about optimum nutrition for her family, friends, and you. Claim your free health book at http://www.PattiBlevins.com/recommends/nutrition

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