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3 ultimate reasons personal development matters

Article by Jay Buick

We all have reasons for why we take personal development serious. But, ultimately, there are only three reasons personal development should matter to you. These three reasons are found in the three consequences experienced as a result of participating in your self-awareness and growth. These consequences are:

• Increased awareness and understanding of who and what you are• Increased awareness and understanding of the what the world we inhabit is• Increased accountability and responsibility to yourself and the world

Given these three consequences of personal development, the three reasons becoming more self-aware and growing matters are:

• Understanding who and what you are points to your potential • Understanding what the world we inhabit is points to the realm of opportunities• Understanding your moral dimension points to the actualization of your potential and the opportunities

Given these three ultimate reasons that your personal development should matter to you, what are you going TO DO?The key to self-improvement is recognizing the importance of the three reasons. Understanding who and what you are opens you up to the changes you must make to begin to realize the prosperity and success you desire. Understanding what the world we inhabit is unfolds the strategies and tools at your disposal to uncover that prosperity and success that is available. Understanding the moral dimension is how you grasp and inter-act your potential with the realm of opportunities available.

Most self-help ‘gurus’, psychics, pastors, priests, therapists, etc. agree that we all experience moments of ecstasy and moments of suffering in our lives (there are the moments in between too). When life is running along smoothly, most of us agree that personal development works. When life starts to experience bumps and roadblocks along the way is where your personal development is truly tested. Consider the average ‘religious person’ that participates in their religion. As a ‘religious person’, you attend gatherings, pray, meditate, perform sacred rituals, etc. so you can, through this faith, live the desired life espoused by the religion of you adopt. Given that there are many different religions, one does glean that there is a common element among all religions and it is: personal development matters and is a key heuristic for those that uncover and unfold the desired good life. Why do you think that is? It is very simple really. The three reasons for self-improvement are what provide the foundation for dealing with every opportunity that you encounter, and increasing your potential for the prosperity and success you want. The ‘newbie’ must recognize and acknowledge that the understanding of whom and what they are, what the world we inhabit is, and the moral inter-action is the path they most want.

You most want to be a moral person. See, being moral consists of seeking the good life. You, as one who accepts the importance of personal development, realize it is the key to your success, prosperity, and the attainment of the good life. Thus, what you want most is to participate in your morality, i.e., your personal development.

To understand your ‘self’,you must grasp that your ‘me’ has a head while your ‘I’ is headless.

About the Author

Jay Buick is a philosopher residing in Palm Beach County, Florida. He has studied and taught philosophy for twenty years at various colleges and universities. For approximately 10 years, Jay was a sales consultant in the automobile and telecommunications industries. The experiences from life’s journey, studying the great philosopher’s of the planet, teaching courses in philosophy, and as a consultant motivated Jay to create He believes there is no space like it on the internet. He is finalizing a book that helps those who are willing to acknowledge their capacity to grow and develop, regardless of past desires, experiences, present hopes, and fears (due beginning of 2012).

Recently, he launched and he looks forward to sharing his experiences with his own personal development and philosophical insights into certain concepts and ideas in the field. This ought to help others so they can benefit and feel encouraged to share their experiences. Also this is a great venue to forge mutually prosperous relationships through here and the cloud of the internet.

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Ten reasons women are not happy

Article by Caesar King

Lack of courage. We are happy to make their own fight, and if the early loss of life, courage, inevitably will lead to a dream and we do not believe Read more easily lost in the setbacks in the fragile, you no longer have the ability to feel and grasp the happiness.

Vanity comparisons. If only the desire of our hearts, whether successful or unsuccessful you will not be happy to, when you do not know his own fortune Blessing in the end of the mass of the time, that no amount of money is not the kind of help you get back the feeling of calm, the more lost the more comparisons.

Excessive anxiety. In real life all the pressure, now many people are in a state of anxiety over women because of their sense of securityEasy to reduce the anxiety, pressure to turn their men and children, resulting in lost harmonious living environment.

Do not know to pay. Pay is a noble thing in itself, has been that the so-called happiness happy must contain the pay, but blind to pay and the total More will return to their lack of strength and faith to pay, maybe even the most basic is difficult to get equal respect.

No hobbies. This is in fact a passionate performance did not live, work into a “rubber people” work it did the “TV people”, there is no love and the pursuit of Boring woman also inevitable, and this “boring” let the party itself, its difficult to produce long-term happiness.

Complain about shirk. All life is not a happy woman, almost without exception, first of all like to blame others in this state, with the accused to vent or complain Is shirking its responsibility, evasion of responsibility in life is absolutely not just the men of the patent, the same way women than men are more serious consequences.

Kidnapping love. Women are most likely to be in love for granted, do not ask indiscriminate blindly think they are giving and concern for man’s need, a Did not meet their expectations once again crazy excessive loss of balance, the result of kidnapping a direct result of love and happiness lost.

Endure an unhappy marriage. Latest from the happy marriage is a way of life, but unfortunately the marriage is a nightmare in which men and women, women may be as Their own do not want to “wake up” to find a lot of reasons, but not happy to see you look like the kind of pay will always think this is a kind of self-torture.

Only love themselves or do not love yourself. While not only love their own long-term well-being of women, but do not love their women would even want a life of fun And disappear when only love themselves and do not love yourself become a bad habit, I’m afraid even the happiness will become powerless.

Lack of ability to perceive happiness. This capability is actually a good heart touched, but also a positive belief in pursuit of the sun, I prefer the woman’s fortune Described as a gesture of blessing, even if the wet weather sometimes sway our wings, but the gesture itself is a kind of scenery.

About the Author

Caesar King

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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