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Article by Aishwarya Suresh

What Savvy Travelers Know


Most people have been on at least one trip, whether that trip was for business or for pleasure, and whether that was a short road trip, or a long once in a lifetime vacation, the majority of people have traveled. What sets the savvy traveler apart from all the rest is experience and education in traveling. Traveling is meant to be enjoyable, but for some it is more enjoyable then for others. The reason for this is typically how prepared the travelers are. Preparation is usually the difference between a stressful and pleasant experience.

One of the best ways for travelers to be prepared is by giving him or herself enough time to make the necessary preparations, which include booking the necessary transportation, hotels, and other services needed while traveling. These are usually the first steps travelers take before their trip. However, another necessary preparation, which may be overlooked by those that do not travel often, is the gathering and studying of maps. There are many people who do this as a hobby, and there are others who never touch maps because they do not understand them and feel they are too much trouble. The savvy travelers know that maps are an essential part of any trip, whether a short road trip on a weekend or a trip around the world.

The first step that was mentioned is gathering maps. There are several resources available to travelers. A person planning a trip can buy road maps at most stores or gas stations. They can go to their local travel agency and they can also contact the travel and tourism office for their destination, this can be done online for those who know how to use the internet. Other methods for obtaining travel maps is shopping for specific ones online or calling the hotel or car rental agency that the traveler will be using and asking them for maps.

Once the maps are collected, the savvy travelers will study those maps, not just gather, and pack them. They will mark the route, which will be traveled if driving either by car, the whole trip or just once at the destination by using a rental car. They will circle any places they plan to visit either along the way such as rest stops or scenic sites along the road, along with attractions or sites at the destination itself. Savvy travelers will also keep their maps on them while traveling so they can easily be accessed when needed. A map will do a person no good if it is packed at the bottom of a suitcase or left at a hotel.

There are certain people that enjoy the thrill of spontaneity and do not care for planning. This may be all right for quick weekend trips to familiar locations; it is not necessarily the best idea when traveling to unknown places, especially when traveling to foreign destinations. Savvy travelers know it is best to be prepared, and enjoy the trip with little stress and hassle, which is what anyone hopes for while traveling.

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