Three Steps To Wealth

Article by Janet Giacoma

There are a number of factors that determine how successful a person will be in an online enterprise. But here are three steps to consider as you think about operating an online Internet marketing business.

Your first consideration is sales. The term sales refers to the dollars that actually come in the door. In an Internet marketing enterprise, sales are a function of the conversion rate that translates site visitors into paying customers. Of course this opens up several completely different areas of consideration. Site traffic is the first and arguably the most important, but then you also need to convert a healthy percentage of those visitors into paying customers. At the end of the day, the measure of your success in this area will be the number of dollars that you bring in the door.

The next consideration is profit. Many online entrepreneurs evaluate their business based on the dollars that flow the door, and pay little attention to the dollars left after all the expenses are paid. This is a tremendous mistake. The profitability of the business is based on what is left over after the business expenses have been met.

An online enterprise has the benefit of reduced cost structures when compared to a bricks and mortar business. Expenses such as office rent, employees, payroll taxes, inventory, and any one of a multitude of other expenses are almost completely eliminated online. Nevertheless however, an Internet marketer still has business expenses. One of the largest areas is in marketing and advertising, but there are other bills to be paid as well. For this reason, the true metric of success of an online enterprise are profits-the dollars left over after the bills have been paid.

The third component of wealth is just that — wealth. Wealth is entirely different from the sales an online enterprise generates, and even from the profits that it makes. An online enterprise that is very profitable and that is producing tremendous cash for the owner, does not necessarily guarantee wealth.

If the business owner’s lifestyle is such that the majority of the dollars that are generated as profit by the business are then spent on lifestyle luxuries such as expensive cars, huge homes, lavish dinners, and all of the other accoutrements of a successful person, wealth is not created. The entrepreneur certainly enjoys a lavish lifestyle, but is not creating wealth for the future. Similar to prophets, wealth is what’s left over after money has been spent. On the other hand, a person who chooses to invest the profits of the business in other businesses, or in money making opportunities is now creating wealth for the future.

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Janet Giacoma is a business coach and marketer who assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple income streams. To contact Janet visit:

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Luxury Travel Vietnam Receives Best Services Awards for Three Consecutive Years

Article by Luxury Travel Co., Ltd

Hanoi 25 Jan 2010 The Luxury Travel Company ( has been voted for the prestigious Vietnam Top Trade Services Awards 2009 for best service in 2009. The 3rd annual awards ceremony has been held on Saturday 24 Jan 2010 in the International Conference Center in Hanoi with the presence of deputy prime minister Truong Vinh Trong, vice minister of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Vietnam, Le Danh Vinh,… among others. The award ceremony has been broadcast live on the national television VTV1.

This is the third consecutive year Luxury Travel has received The Top Trade Services Awards of Ministry of Trade and Industry of Vietnam with remark Best Service Award 2009 that confirms Luxury Travel has an excellent performance in tough times of the world financial crisis. The company provides the best services for luxury travelers traveling to Vietnam.

Tony Pham Ha, CEO of Luxury Travel Company ( who counts ambassadors, senators and billionaires amongst his clientele, cites new roads and better flight services as evolutionary elements. “Also, while there have been some fantastic new properties which have opened, the existing ones don’t get complacent either,” he says. “In Vietnam they offer unique experiences, personalized service, privacy and tranquility,”

Vietnam has ever topped the Asia Pacific region in attracting international visitors. However, the country saw an on-year fall of 11 % in foreign arrivals in 2009, much more than the region’s average drop of 5 %. Vietnam welcomed nearly 3.8 million international travelers in 2009 and VNAT is upbeat and targets 4.5 millions international arrivals in 2010. Vietnam tourism sector aims professionalism and luxury. There are many luxury hotels to open in Hanoi this year and this capital city turns to 1000 year olds.

“The accolade is very encouraging for our company. We are committed to provide the international luxury standards of product and service” said Mr. Pham Ha, Founder/CEO of Luxury Travel Vietnam. As a leader in the luxury tourism in Vietnam, our goal is to continue to raise the bar in service excellence and further develop Vietnam as a luxury travel destination catering to the discerning traveler around the world”.

Luxury Travel Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) at is a 100% fully registered and privately-owned Vietnamese company. Luxury Travel is headquartered in Hanoi and has offices around Vietnam and management offices in Laos, Cambodia, Spain, USA and Australia.

About the Author

Luxury Travel is now a leading luxury tour operator in Southeast Asia, whose primary concern is the satisfaction and comfort of its customers.

Luxury Travel is a trusted partner for exploring Vietnam but also Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma.

An In-Depth Comparison of Three Travel Magazines, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel 50 and Beyond and Vacations Magazine

Article by Shauna Hanus

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine and Vacations Magazine are three of the travel industries leading magazines. Each of these three magazines offers a slightly different perspective on travel and ways to save money while traveling.

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine is a travel magazine designed for the travel connoisseur. Conde Nast Traveler Magazine is written with style and quality of travel in mind. It provides candid advice on how to travel in foreign countries and maps that illuminate where you can travel to.

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine is for the person who is a well seasoned traveler not for the casual tourist. In Conde Nast Traveler Magazine you will be able to read well written articles from travelers that present the truth about travels in the U.S. and abroad.

In comparison Vacations Magazine is more about the glitz and glamour of travel. It features fun to visit tropical locations as well as great family destinations in the U.S. Vacations Magazine is oriented to give advice on saving money while traveling and how to make the most out of your vacation.

Vacations Magazine is well written and a great magazines for couples or families that want to travel and experience the tourist side of vacationing.

Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine is a combination of the two magazines above with the over age 50 traveler in mind. Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine has great ideas and tips on getting senior discounts on airfares, rental cars, hotel stays and local attractions. Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine also features great articles on undiscovered locations for quick easy weekend getaways as well as extended vacations.

With the help of Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine you will be able to plan beautiful driving vacations for travel in your RV or for road trips in the car with fantastic hotels at each destination.

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine is the most expensive of the three magazines compared here. Conde Nast Traveler Magazine cost around .00 for a full year’s subscription and is perfect for the distinguished traveler.

Vacations Magazine and Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine both have a cost of around .00. Both these magazines are well written and best for a more causal tourist approach to travel.

About the Author

Shauna Hanus is an honest webmaster who builds websites that are geared toward customer service. She grew tired of trying to buy magazines on the internet to only be left with too many sites to choose from. Shauna started to provide the best prices and customer service for magazines on the web. For the best customer service and price around visit Shauna’s site at

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Remind health: health of three key temperatures in winter – winter health, good health – Food Indust

Article by hi joiney

overnight bringing heavy snow in northern biting cold can you ever wondered why no matter how they change the of the environment human body always kept constant at about 37 the results show that not only a constant body is very important to the health significance in life there are many and health related such as indoor and outdoor food water wash bath this issue we requested the authority of the experts we describe a quot health thermometer quot lt lt lt lt lt remind health health nutritionist out female winter menu lt lt lt lt lt qiao mm shaping underwear fat this winter do not wear thin lt lt lt lt lt health reminder aromatherapy bird 39 s nest soup 3 diet reached by the national people 39 s congress on health lt lt lt lt lt health reminder tcm revelation quot longevity quot of the law body skin internal organs have their own quot everyone 39 s body is different but generally are around 37 the human body regulation system relying on advanced 39 no changes 39 in the nature of the choices to survive quot beijing sports university professor zhang yimin human movement sciences told reporters 37 or so normal body the first data from 1868 was 2 500 adults measured armpit the resulting average however the u s expert mcvicker maryland school of medicine measured the 148 later the oral is 36 8 degrees average obtained results showed that changes in body between individuals within the range of 2 7 degrees are normal body level there are subtle differences yale university a new study shows that people with higher body generally more friendly more willing to grant others their own thing body in the lower opposite normal body 24 hours a day will slightly fluctuate at different times can be a difference of 0 6 degree temperature quot 6 00 is when the lowest temperature at 4 pm and a maximum quot zhang yimin said that women menstrual period before or during pregnancy slightly the low in elderly population in addition the quot muscle activity can generate heat resulting in increased quot emotional stress and also help the body temperature in tension the temperature will rise up to about 2 the surgical anesthesia body temperature will drop so to keep warm addition to temperature the people have a quot skin temperature quot that is the temperature of the skin surface at an ambient temperature of 23 the human forehead skin temperature is generally 33 34 hand is 30 feet to 27 even the internal organs of people also have temperature liver temperature up to 38 brain produce more heat the temperature is close to 38 kidney pancreas and duodenum were slightly lower temperature 37 5 above fever clinically higher than normal body temperature as fever 37 5 38 degree fever 38 39 to moderate fever 39 40 high fever 40 or more for the ultra high heat when the temperature higher than 41 or lower than 25 it will seriously affect the human body systems particularly the function of the nervous system or even life threatening quot many people have a fever when ill to rule this is a misunderstanding quot ministry of health chief health education professor hong zhaoguang experts fever itself is not a disease but a symptom it is one of the mechanisms the body fight infection to some extent fever and even quot good quot it can reduce disease time enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics so infection is not contagious and so on

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The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as China roll forming machines , metal forming machine, and more. For more , please visit roll form equipment today!


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